The problem with religion and faith.

Pretty much sums it up. As the old saying goes, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.”

Amazing when they put it that way isn’t it. I’m really trying to wean myself off this idea that I can understand the mind that put up that sign. Actually the guy who put it up probably already left the church in disgust, but the guy who told him to put it up…

My ability to reason is why you never see me having anything to do with religion.

The “problem” with religion and faith. Problem should me made plural to be realistic because there is far more than one problem caused by either word.

Well, they get points for honesty at least.

Belief can have power, whether the belief is based on evidence (i.e., reason), or just on a choice to believe without evidence (i.e., faith). We all need power, to some extent.
Yet, I think that one could survive a good while without ever having faith. But I doubt that one would last long without ever having reason.

Perhaps it’s power. On the other hand, I think it is more FEAR. Fear of uncertainties, fear of the unknown.
Religion provides a false sense of certainty. “If I have faith, god will provide" or some such nonsense. Science and reason provide no such assurances. Facts and reality can be unsettling. Even scary. Religion allows one to escape reality. It masks reality. Not unlike drugs and alcohol.

Imo, the problem with religious faith is that it demands not only belief in things that have no proof, but also in things that have been proven otherwise.