The past is future

If you have Netflix check out Hitler - A Career. It was made in the late 70’s and some of the commentary is a little hokey, but keep with it. As I’m watching it the hair on my neck stood out. It’s basically a history of the rise of Hitler of course, but also Nazism in general. And the parallels with the MAGA/Trump crowd are astounding. And worse yet, as you watch you can’t help project what we’re witnessing currently, and possibly what might happen in 2024.

There’s one part where once he came to complete power, the Beer Hall Putsch, an illegal and failed coup, is re-branded as a “great” event in German history. They have national events where the perps are hailed as heros, etc. And you can just see how the same thing could happen here regarding the Jan 6 coup attempt if they take over in 2024.

“Hegel remarks somewhere that all great, world-historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice. He has forgotten to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.”

― Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

Let’s hope he is right !!!

Trump is no Hitler, George Bush was closer to stadistics. You can’t say netflix is A reason to compare Maga crowds with Nazi when african americans, mexican americans, and asian americans where in it. And you have Putin starting war if Trump was in power he would of not dare it. And Barack Obama help Putin he did the harm it was Democrats tha paved the way for all fo this deppresion, economic promblems and more.

You can’t see Trump is the fault because bad decisions Joe Biden is making.

You don’t know that he is not. He is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, egotistical, bigot, who encourages others to do violence against those he does not like. Seems a lot like Hitler.

In his speeches Trump never talked like Hitler never, you see Trump has more Teddy Roosevelt way. You can’t say Trump wants to be Hitler he never stated it. You can’t judge A book by it’s coer Trump is human and he has fmaily and loves them just like any human would.

Yes, he is all of that, but not every one of these people are Hitler like.

And, there are 2 differences, up to now:

Hitler was intelligent, I am not sure Trump is

Trump never wrote or said that he wanted to exterminate a group of human being. He has no written his Mein Kampf.

I don’t underestimate the danger of a fascist dictatorship in USA.

But to go further, Mussolini was not Hitler.

Definitely not like Teddy. He was a long ways from Teddy when he spoke. He did sound like Hitler, but suit yourself and continue supporting a king who is now without his clothes.

You got that right. The dotard is not intelligent.

True, he didn’t say or wirte it, but his actions towards minorities spoke volumes.

We are on the cusp. It just depends on what road we chose to go down. If we send the dotard to prison for at least one of his federal felonies, then we probably won’t end up a fascist ran country. If we don’t send him to prison, we more than likely will end up a fascist ran country.

Quite true, but Stalin… he and Hitler could have been bed buddies at least (not in the literal sense).

Churchill and Roosevelt were in bed cuddling with hilter in their opposition to the USSR until germany decided to attack Britain and how is it that clinton lost to the most unintelligent person in the world? What does that make her?

Steve Bannon. He figured out where the electoral votes were and focused the campaign there. He encouraged Trump to frighten people about immigrants, saying, build that wall. He lost the popular vote and won the electors by a narrow margin.

He was able to read the state of peoples concerns in terms of loss of employment opportunities within manufacturing sector while she could not, making her the dumbest in the room

The dotard cheated. He stole the election from her. She actually won, but he wanted to be a dictator so badly, that he was willing to steal the election and in order to hold onto it, he attempted to do it again, even if it meant having people killed. It makes Hillary better than him. That’s what it makes her. BTW, the dotard is NOT intelligent. He can’t even read.

He wasn’t reading people’s concerns at all. I don’t know who you hang with, but what you believe are all people’s concerns are not everyone’s concerns. He made things worse, not better for a lot of people. 500,000 people died from COVID because of the dotard, maybe even more. That’s not counting all the Latino human beings he had killed. And then, he wanted Pence killed. The dotard is a horrid man.

There was no case brought to the courts by the democrats saying that the 2016 elections were stolen. Its only in your mind

You wish. They didn’t bring it because there were too many Repugs, who worshipped the dotard, in power. It’s on the dotard supporters who believe there is no case. Give it time though. You may see your man going to prison and very soon.

Sorry that you don’t understand how impeachment works. It’s a political process. The Jan 6 committee is resulting in DOJ action, but again, proceeding with caution, and not advertising its intention.

Seems you don’t get politics at all. Winning an election does not prove you have the pulse of the nation, or that you have the best intentions for America.

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The democrats have not said the 2016 elections were stolen. Only in your mind has this been said

Right. Keep dreaming. The dotard stole 2016. He was not the rightful winner of the election. Now please give it a rest. I’m sick of dotard worshippers insisting he won 2016 and 2020 was stolen, because they have it totally backwards.

Here’s the report. A bunch of people did time. It says what it says. I’m not going to interpret it for you. You think there has to be jail time for Trump or nothing else matters. That’s sad.

Mueller report Mueller report - Google Search

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Give Donald Trump A chance if he was not that good he would not be president. Continue to think he did nothing but stop ww3 and stop the elites, if so he would of started war in his time he would of endend in chaos but instead left with the mess Barack Obama left and George Bush left really people he did not start iran war and did not do all this mess. People are responsible for themselves so think and judge yourself if you did any good will he was in his term really look at yourself to know he not perect but none of us our, please.

To know someone is to eat a bag of salt an old navajo saying teaches us so do not see the bad but also see the good Trump did. Please.

Well, he’s not President now. Can I go back to treating him like a spoiled rich manchild?

He is not currently contributing to our Democracy, more like challenging it. I’m not giving him anything.

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