The maternal mortality rate

The maternal mortality rate in the world and in USA.

USA gets a very high rate, especially among poor and black women.

The maternal mortality rate is one of the evaluation criteria of an health and social system.

[Maternal mortality]


[Study of wealthy nations finds American women most likely to die of preventable causes, pregnancy complications | CNN]

Part of the reason for the high mortality rate in the U.S. is because the Religious Reich won’t allow a woman to get an abortion, even if the pregnancy could mean her death. The Religious Reich don’t actually care if the baby dies in the process too. They aren’t Pro-Lifers they are Pro-Deathers. Anything that means terminating a pregnancy to save the woman’s life or even giving birth early to save both the baby and mother is against their beliefs of saving women’s lives and even children’s lives. They are even eyeing birth control now. It’s all about control of women and has nothing to do with life.

Soon women will be required to wear burkas, colorful American style.


Probably. I wouldn’t put it past the Xian to take one of the writings attributed to Paul literally and make women cover themselves, especially when they speak.

That has already happened.

‘This is beyond belief’: Outrage after Missouri GOP makes dress code change that only affects women.

Gustaf Kilander

‘I spent $1,200 on a suit, and I can’t wear it in the People’s House because someone who doesn’t have the range tells me that it’s inappropriate’

Washington, DC
Saturday 14 January 2023 14:50

Oh yes, I forgot about that and it’s in my own state! The GOP, which is actually the Great Oppressive Party, runs Missouri. As fast, if not faster, as the Supreme Court banned abortion, it was illegal in Missouri. Let’s get out the Belladonna and other herbs to induce miscarriage. Women are second class citizens in Missouri. They’d better leave my credit cards alone.

Speaking of burkas, there’s a new ‘trend’:

I read it on the internet.

Now that I can appreciate… :hugs: