The looming shadow of hunger over our United States

You are self-deluded. Have you ever heard of SARS?

(Beside derailing the existing discuss, with diversions)


I have no idea what you base your claims re Trumps remarks and Biden remark, you wouldn’t be willing to go on the record by linking to something more substantive than your FOX fed distortions.


Sounding the Alarm
The first public statement that we found from Biden about the coronavirus came in an op-ed for USA Today on Jan. 27. In it, he warned about the “possibility of a pandemic,” writing that while there were only five confirmed cases in the U.S. at that time, “There will likely be more.”

Biden argued that “Trump’s demonstrated failures of judgment and his repeated rejection of science make him the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health challenge.” Biden touted the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak, and he criticized Trump for proposing budget cuts to the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for International Development (although Congress did not enact those proposed cuts).


Over the past six months, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (the latter leads the coronavirus task force) have left the work of controlling COVID-19 up to governors and mayors, criticizing Democrat-led states about their case numbers and repeatedly calling them "ill-prepared." Trump has frequently stated that "we have it totally under control," referring to the virus. Yet, today, there are more than 200,000 deaths and 6 million cases in the United States. The unmasked crowds at the White House could have been a super spreader for COVID-19; cases will continue to rise. ...


This comes from the convention, but it does demonstration a fact based perspective rather than Trump delusional utterances.


Biden explained this in his Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech as well:

"If I’m president on day one we’ll implement the national strategy I’ve been laying out since March.

We’ll develop and deploy rapid tests with results available immediately.

We’ll make the medical supplies and protective equipment our country needs. And we’ll make them here in America. So we will never again be at the mercy of China and other foreign countries in order to protect our own people.

We’ll make sure our schools have the resources they need to be open, safe, and effective.

We’ll put the politics aside and take the muzzle off our experts so the public gets the information they need and deserve. The honest, unvarnished truth. They can deal with that.

We’ll have a national mandate to wear a mask-not as a burden, but to protect each other.

It’s a patriotic duty."

marieclaire _ com/politics/a33831703/joe-biden-covid-plan/


Okay, I’m telling you Trump has been a lying idiot, ignoring the problem, making insane claims and promises. But that’s just my opinion based on what news I’ve come in touch, which admitted is very limited these days, because I don’t want my head exploding.



If you dare, take a look


CDC Timeline Take a minute to review many of CDC’s momentous contributions to public health since it was organized in 1946 as the Communicable Disease Center.

FEMA Report Warned of Pandemic Vulnerability Months before COVID-19

Posted in late July, the document foresaw many current impacts, including overwhelmed hospitals and disruptions in essential services

By Thomas Frank, E&E News on April 10, 2020

… The Federal Emergency Management Agency warned last year that a pandemic caused by a novel strain of influenza would cripple the country‘s response capabilities by driving millions of people into overwhelmed hospitals.

The report, which was written before the new coronavirus first surfaced in China, offered these prescient predictions: The deluge of patients would create “a shortage of medical supplies, equipment, beds, and healthcare workers.”

FEMA‘s warning, issued in July (2019), forecast with stunning accuracy the social, economic and personal devastation that the ongoing pandemic has caused. …


But the good news is that trump and the bitch who’s so proud of not caring, might be getting a reality check in the next few weeks.


www cnn _ com/2018/10/13/politics/melania-trump-jacket-i-really-dont-care-do-u/index _ html



International experts warn of humanitarian catastrophes as the fight against the novel coronavirus draws resources from other health campaigns …


Thanks Lausten. From your link:

"Biden’s plan takes a two-pronged approach to the coronavirus outbreak. First, he promises “a decisive public health response” focused on free testing, improved access to treatment, the development of a vaccine and treatments, and increased health care capacity. Second, he calls for “a decisive economic response” that prioritizes paid sick leave for anyone hit by the outbreak, as well as aid to hard-hit families and state and local governments."
It seems to me that Biden's "plan" is a description, in general terms, of what the Trump administration actually did. Anyone who thinks it was a good plan must believe the administration's actions were good. Maybe that's why the fake media did not tout it and why I was not aware of it.


@believer It’s a given that COVID-19 would affect poverty and hunger, but doing the opposite of what scientists tell us we need to do will not stop it. It will make it worse. The only thing that will save people are lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. To do otherwise will only make everything far worse than need be, which is what is happening in the U.S. because the dotard is too stupid to listen to the scientists. Now he has it and his cronies are downplaying his condition and the dotard could (I doubt it though) die in the next week from COVID-19.


It seems to me that Biden’s “plan” is a description, in general terms, of what the Trump administration actually did.

No the dotard did not. The dotard didn’t do anything. It was more local and state action and nothing on the dotard’s part. If you believe he did do something then I have some swamp land in AZ to sell you. The big takeaway is that Biden says he’ll listen to the scientist, something that the dotard refuses to do as he and his cronies continue to downplay COVID-19, along with the dotard’s current condition. IMHO though, I think the dotard will come out of the hospital eventually and continue to downplay the pandemic like the idiot he is.

Tim, I was referring to Bob!!!

You have integrity and honesty on your side, no matter what them self-delusional totalitarian right wingers say.


@mriana You seem to have missed this part: “Experts warn that deaths from secondary impacts — poverty, hunger, diseases, and violence exacerbated by the pandemic — may dwarf the number of those who die of the novel coronavirus itself.”

This is only one of several reports from serious academics, not quacks. It is counterproductive to perpetuate the view that doing anything other than enforcing lockdowns, eroding our quality life, and turning everyone into coronaphobes, is “anti-science”. Anything that can save lives and our standard of living matters, which means it’s about far more than the reductionst recommendations of virologists alone e.g. PPE, vaccines, physical distancing, and lockdowns.

From a conceptual perspective, the following video on reductionism vs. holism might help. However, don’t assume that I advocate one perspective over the other. Both approaches have value. So we should be maximizing our use of both, to save more lives than either approach alone can.



It was more local and state action ...
Apparently you are not aware that we don't have socialized medicine in this country, at least not yet. Obama tried that; it didn't last. We do medical care on a State, local and private basis. The Feds support those efforts. The Trump administration handled it exactly as they should have, issuing guidance and providing support.

Biden’s call for a national mandate for wearing masks is political BS. “Mandate” means one has to do whatever is mandated. It is not a suggestion or guidance. So, if we have a “must do” rule for masks who will enforce it? Governors and local authorities? And if they don’t, what then? Are you going to send in the National Gestapo? Establishing a law without a means to enforce it is just plain dumb, and wrong, no matter how good an idea is behind it.

Biden’s “plan” is not the only example of his copy-cat behavior. A sixth grade teacher ask her students to come up with an alternate way to express “Make America Great Again”. The students voted on which of their alternates was the best. It was “Build Back Better”. Of course that story isn’t true (as far as I know) but it could have happened.

Biden apparently opposes every idea of the Dems and has adopted Trump’s positions on everything from law and order to build and buy American and even climate change. The only difference between them now is that if Biden wins we’ll get the weakest President in history and Pelosi - Harris will run the country into socialism.


You seem to have missed this part: “Experts warn that deaths from secondary impacts — poverty, hunger, diseases, and violence exacerbated by the pandemic — may dwarf the number of those who die of the novel coronavirus itself.”

That has nothing to do with listening to the scientists, wearing a mask, social distancing, and staying home as much as possible. It does have all to do with COVID-19 making workers sick, causing them to be unable to work. There is where the secondary impacts lay- with workers getting sick. IF they wear masks properly, social distance, etc they might be able to continue to work, in which to feed the masses. BUT if they ignore the scientists and do not wear a mask properly, social distance, etc then yes, they will face poverty, due to getting sick. They will also face death too. Their families will be hungry. etc etc While all you said about the secondary impacts maybe true, it doesn’t mean humans should forgo listening to the scientists, wearing masks properly, social distancing, staying home as a much as possible, because to do the opposite, is to make the secondary impacts come true for sure.


Apparently you are not aware that we don’t have socialized medicine in this country, at least not yet. Obama tried that; it didn’t last.

The ACA was not socialized medicine. It was the outcome of the Repugs fighting President Obama’s original plan. As one who campaigned for him twice, the ACA was not the original Obamacare plan. The end result, though, was a step in that direction though.