A Horrifying Illness Ravaging Our Country. What are we going to do.

It wild listening to so many Americans, folks that pridefully boast of being Christians - yet, yet such disregard and hatred for others,

a few years ago fabricating stories and fears of Democrats Death Camps.

The horror, oh the horror, oh how they howled about the sanctity of life.

Now it’s get over it! Let tens of thousands needlessly die - oh and while we’re at it lets make the contagion as bad as possible.



Bob Woodiwiss

America is in the grip of a terrible illness. But there is a cure for what’s killing us.

May 4, 2020

CC: I still don’t know how to import video clips. Can you make this “Mourning in America” clip available to click on directly?




Next time don’t link your url. :wink:

Thanks. I hope not to link my url. It sounds painful.


Has he left the Republican party yet? He seems much too reasonable to be a repug.