The feats of engineering UFO's seem to have

Hey, just ahypothetical thought experiment for fun, regarding the unusual physical behaviour by UFO’s. I thought of it some time ago an figured: do those UFO’s not have some astonishing abilities.

Assumed those sightings aren’t lies, equipment failures, nor illusions; and show in fact physical objects. What type of technical properties would they need to have to achieve those performances?


I’d like to start with the absence of the sonic boom while accelerating and moving faster than the velocity of sound.

In order to figure how something get’s avoidet, let’s first figure out what it is that’s getting avoidet. As for the sonic boom, so far i do unterstand it correctly, it’s basically caused by an object moving faster than sound while displacing atmosphere, beginning forceful at the bow and ending in collapse at the tail. Which both air movements are resulting in a bang.

The seemingly easiest way tho avoid a sonic boom would be to avoid the displacement in the first place, wouldn’t it?

Well, how to achieve such a marvelous feat? …


Any idea, suggestions or other ridiculous feature?

I would say the same feature which allows them to accelerate, to change direction and to stop instantly.

Hmm, in order to negate diseplacement, the easiest way would be to make some sort of alternate space where the displaced atmosphere could go into. With a little bit of sci-fi magic, I would guess to somehow bend spacetime into itself. Right outside the object, in the hope this would indeed allow to accommodate otherwise displaced atmosphere in order to compensate. - This would also lead to the capability of experiencing non atmospheric pressure.

I would say the same feature which allows them to accelerate, to change direction and to stop instantly.
And while we're on it with some sci-fi magic, controlled bending of spacetime seems reasonable to move an object in other than known ways. I'm thinking about implementing/changing omnidirectional attraction and repulsion via gravity. What could also explain the easy keeping of straight altitude.

While sudden acceleration, shouldn’t there be massiv g forces acting on the object?


Kind of like we’re the fish and someone sticks a camera on a pole into the water …

Or like the projection / shadow into 2-D of a 3 dimensional object.

Extra-dimensional. -mrmhead
@mrmhead You mean like we and our environment exist in more dimensions than we can perceive and the UFOs are phenomena occurring from these extra dimension(s)? Interesting thing. How can we describe, understand, grasp dimensions we are not aware of because of... why are we actual not aware of these extra dimensions?


All you need is woo.

dat, da, da, da.


For the serious UFO student there is this:

Extraterrestrial engineering In the 1950s, Earth-bound MIT students made aliens feel more at home.

In the fall of 1951, about 20 MIT engineering students received a missive from a planet more than 30 light-years from Earth. Confidential documents and memos, printed on letterhead dated 1,000 years in the future, detailed the discovery of intelligent life on a planet called Arcturus IV and outlined what humans knew about their alien brethren.

The Methanians, as this alien race would be known, were dramatically different from humans. …




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The mid-1990’s TV show “Sliders” is a good example of the ‘multiverse theory’ that purported the successful use of ‘wormholes’ as zip travel means in any one of infinite parallel universes.

And allegedly, these solid material aircraft that can whiz-zip between the grooves of interdimensional / parallel spacetime…can and allegedly have…crashed into OUR known current time of existence.

Perhaps someone out there doesn’t want us, at this time, to be easily aware of these extra dimensions.

So they download puerile sci-fi in to TV execs heads so that anyone with a grey cell misses the baby in that bathwater!

The thing is, as a flatlining Christian, I ask really smart Christians (and yeah, there are many), how the transcendent works, is inertia cancelled when you stub your toe, when you fall off El Capitan like Kirk, will there be toilets, that kind of thing. Nobody ever, as in ever, ever responds.