"The Day Democracy Died"

When decency received a fatal blow



THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED A long long time ago A Tuesday in November

When that sinking feeling laid us low

And we knew if he had his way

That we’d all live to curse the day

When decency received a fatal blow.

His bankruptcies got no attention Pussy-grabbing — barely mentioned Promising a great wall He swore to make tax rates fall

I still remember how I tried To have sympathy for his third bride

But something rumbled deep inside

The day democracy died , …


Is Putin the one to blame ‘Cause we all know it was not Ukraine

Who lost it by three million strong

And do you believe the shit he says Repeated by Fox talking heads

We’re quite amazed they fell for such a con

All the red hats at his rallies cheer

But there must be something in the beer ‘Cause if they had a brain

Then they’d know this man’s insane

but... No, don’t let democracy die

He’s a famous ignoramus — can’t tell truth from a lie

And if he wins we’ll kiss our country goodbye

Singin’ vote for anyone but this guy Vote for anyone but this guy


The Founding Fathers Sing

That day was long ago.