The Boil-Off Effect in Action

Some interesting things are happening in the Catholic church.

I’ve been hearing about this for a few years – these people are known on the far Right as “Tradcaths” – and I thought they were just larpers.

However, it seems to be becoming common enough to worry the older generation of catholics who are ironically more liberal. This kind of rings true to me as someone who was baptized Catholic, but not brought up with the religion because my parents were those liberal boomer Catholics. At any rate, we can only wait to see where this goes.

Religious texts can only take people backward.


Maybe so, although a surprising number of young people are fine with that.

Well, that’s sad. Young people, by definition don’t know the past. Prior to 1974, women could not open a checking account. I remember the “For Whites Only” signs from my childhood.

They provide unqualified support fir israel. We thank them

Catholic-Jewish relations are strained at best.

You must be thinking of Evangelical Christians. They are so pro-Israel it’s comical.

Although anti-Semitic, they support Israel because they believe that the triumph of Israel will annonce the coming of the Christ.

They are wacky and confused people. It’s too bad they have as much influence on foreign policy as they do. I would not call them anti-Semites, however.

Some are, at least:


That’s the paradox : why biblical evangelical people do support Israël, even if antisemitic ?

[The truth about why many evangelical Christians support Israel]

Talmudic thinking in action from the second link.

If antisemites are willing to be that deferential and helpful to Jews, then the term is basically meaningless.

Supporting Israel in this case just means stating you are in favor of them going to war. It doesn’t helpful as in helping them be healthy or proporous.

As the article says, it’s not even about them surviving,

What happens to the Jews and Palestinians is, to put it very mildly, collateral damage. Christian Zionists are anticipating, and hoping for a war to end all wars, and a resulting Christian world that they claim will vanquish evil and bring peace. Only those who accept Jesus as their savior will benefit from these events that Christian Zionists claim the Bible predicts will happen. Nonbelievers — including Jews and Muslims — will not survive them.

The exclusive and prejudicial nature of Religious status in a nutshell.

None of that matters at all. Israelis certainly do not care if Jews are not the favorite people of some Christian Zionists. They say as long as those aid packages keep coming, dumb goys can think whatever they want to think.

Oh brother! :roll_eyes: “Dumb goys”?