Having a moment

Interesting, if I can get perspective on it, but right now, not so good.

I sometimes mention I’m married to a progressive liberal Methodist. We met at a church that was changing the national rules to allow gay marriage. Then I watched the rest of the world walk right by them and change the secular laws. I realized church is not the leader in things like that.

So, I read, I used forums, I joined secular groups, slowly cut down on going to church, until it got to where if I did go, I’d see something horrendously stupid, every time. So, now it’s only weddings and funerals. But, I got roped into the “blessing of the garden”. My wife and I started that garden years ago, on church property. It’s grown, organically you might say, and got some infusion of cash and increased interest this year. Very cool to see.

At the “blessing”, we sang “inch by inch”, everyone else read along with the prayers, and they literally held up dirt and water and “blessed” it, asking God to make it grow things. As if the dirt wasn’t going to do that anyway. This morning I asked my wife what she thought about that. She said it was fine. I explained how I don’t think the “energy” god belief she describes is compatible with the interventionist god that was invoked in that ceremony. That conversation did not go well. 'nough said.

One comment I’ll share from her, after our attempts at reaching an understanding, she said she wasn’t really paying attention to the words themselves. It makes it hard to discuss beliefs when the beliefs she has are not in the words. They are in the feeling of being there, with friends, going through some motions, letting the pastor lead the talking and singing, etc. I’m not worried about her getting indoctrinated, if those words ever changed to a call to arms, she would notice that. But, it’s not possible to discuss belief when then the things being said about the beliefs are not important.

I saw this when it was first on PBS in 1987. It’s awesome.

Arlo Guthrie - The Garden Song - 1987 - YouTube

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