The Big Lie ………

Last three paragraphs pretty much sums up my observations. Good one from Nick Pemberton.

“The crisis for Joe Biden is that there is no political center that can moderate the decline. Capitalists are so big they manage themselves. Centrists are simply corrupt. Right-wingers are corrupt. The left is the alternative and a suicidal one for any politician.

Admitting how bad things are is a good start and it was a mistake to pat Donald Trump on the back for exposing the system. This gave him too much credit. Not only did Trump make the system more functional, in the way it functions for the rich, but he also failed to radicalize people to socialism. Joe Biden’s epic fail in theory could radicalize people to socialism but it seems that he causes people to be apolitical.

If the Trump years made Americans paranoid and neurotic, like Trump, then the Biden years have made Americans like Biden, impotent and disinterested. Are we really giving up? It’s time to close on ironic inspiration from Joe Biden: “Failure at some point in your life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable.” Well, at least part of that isn’t a lie. Happy Holidays.”