The beginning of the universe?

Anyone want to take this on, pro or con? One of the most incredible physics discoveries of the century has revealed a “cosmic fingerprint" explaining the beginning of universe and gravity’s microscopic secrets. Go back to the beginning of time to see how quantum particles in the infant universe gave rise to a phenomenon called “inflation." This new evidence tells not only why the universe exploded outward during its birth, but also that gravity is made of quantum particles, called gravitons. Lois

This was posted on another thread but I can’t find it. Anyway, this is really shoddy because it uses loaded wording namely “fingerprint”. Obviously whoever used this term in this context has an agenda.

As soon as saw the name Brian Greene in the article, I hit the back button. One of my friends was raving about one of his books about string theory, which led me to try and read it. I didn’t understand any of it.