News about Gravity

Ran across this and thought it might be of interest.

NOVA One of the most incredible physics discoveries of the century has revealed a "cosmic fingerprint" explaining the beginning of universe and gravity's microscopic secrets. Go back to the beginning of time to see how quantum particles in the infant universe gave rise to a phenomenon called "inflation." This new evidence tells not only why the universe exploded outward during its birth, but also that gravity is made of quantum particles, called gravitons.

That refers to the same discovery as I mentioned here].
But it is still not sure that the patterns of polarisation originated from the inflationary period of the Big Bang, or that it originates from dust underway:

On June 5, 2014 at a conference of the American Astronomical Society, astronomer David Spergel argued that the B-mode polarization detected by BICEP2 could instead be the result of light scattering off dust between the stars in our Milky Way galaxy.
From Wikipedia]. The question is still open, so also every farther reaching conclusion from it.

Way too leading an idea. “Fingerprint” is a totally loaded word that suggests a hand of a creator. Totally silly and if this term came from a scientist, shame on him or her.