That thing I'm supposed to say, or is it not say, I can't remember

Merry mmmm-mm to everyone. Here’s my holiday story.

A long time ago, back when people made local ISPs so you could get on the internet, a rather conservative young man started one in a liberal neighborhood. This was also back when the war on mmm-mm, you know, was more of a secret war. So this naive young man thought it would be great to offer his customers a hearty “Merry xxxxxxx” in a mass email to all of them. Oh boy, that did not go so well. He found out about Wiccans and people who were harmed by religion in their youth. I’m probably blocking the details. It was a learning opportunity for everybody.

I hope all your gatherings go better than that in the coming weeks. My wish this holiday season is for an upgrade to whatever it is that is causing our posts to get stuck in moderation. That, and all the children of the world getting together and singing a song of peace of harmony, but the logistics on that are insane, so, first the upgrade thing.

I still haven’t heard when our secularists’ and atheists’ secret meeting is, to plan out our war on Christmas. Do you all think I am an undercover agent for the Christians? Personally I would like to advocate for getting rid of eggnog flavoring for coffee, at Christmas time.

And I wish for all the little children of the world to get together and sing a song of peace of harmony, also, but AFTER the Forum software issue is worked out.

Ah, the war on Christmas. The war that never was, invented to terrify ancient Fox viewers into believing that young people, gays and atheists were plotting to change the country in unacceptable ways that would be the doom of us all.

I don’t care how people wish me good will. Though I do occasionally scream, “It burns!” when someone says, “Bless you”, but that’s just all in fun.

I also want to give thanks for the participation over the last year. It was pretty quiet around here a year ago, sometimes just me and CC and, you know, that one guy. Lately, I can’t keep up. People join all the time, although many don’t post. I hope somebody is getting some value.

I certainly love this place. Especially when there’s a lively conversation or I get to talk about physics or logic.

We hope everyone had a happy, merry, peaceful, healthy and prosperous Festivus and wish you a joyful Kwanzaa.

And Gosh Bless Alex (and all those people behind the scenes), who answer my emails and help me get back in every time I find a new way to screw up my CFI password, and Lausten for putting up with my shit.

Happy New Year, Peter


Yes and more participants over here is better than less :slight_smile: