Surplus Covid Vaccines

Big slowdown in vaccinations nationwide.

Philadelphia is experiencing a surplus scare. With thousands of coronavirus vaccine doses expiring on Thursday, the city is scrambling to ship them to other distribution sites so it won't be forced to discard them.

“The city has a lot of vaccines in cold storage that do have to get used in a very short timeline,” said Charlie Elison, a FEMA spokesperson.

Philadelphia officials are hoping to vaccinate more people by keeping sites open later to attract walk-ups for those who don’t have an appointment.

Meanwhile, more shots are sitting unused across the country.

For the first time since March 22, the U.S. is averaging less than 2.5 million vaccinations a day. Vaccinations are down nearly 25% after peaking on April 11.

Probably at this point nearly everybody who wanted the vaccine has gotten it, and that leaves those who just aren’t interested.


IMHO, those who refuse the vaccine aren’t being very smart, but then again, this pandemic has shown many humans aren’t very smart.

My sister in law who works in a hospital, in Toronto, sent a message from which it results that they are overwhelmed by new cases in intensive care units and new variants. But not one of theses cases is vaccinated.

Anti vaccine, either ultra right complotists or neo-hippies are fool.

In 1980, 2.6 million people died of it[7] and in 1990, 545,000 died; by 2014, global vaccination programs had reduced the number of deaths from measles to 73,000.[21][22] Despite these trends, rates of disease and deaths increased from 2017 to 2019 due to a decrease in immunization.[23][24][25]

There is a direct link between measles resurgence and the lowering of the vaccine coverage.

And that’s only an exemple …… We could look at Poliomyelitis, for instance.







Probably at this point nearly everybody who wanted the vaccine has gotten it, and that leaves those who just aren’t interested.
The silly victims of vicious malicious ruthless brainwashing and delusional thinking.


University of Kent News Centre

Sam Wood, 10 December 2020
Ten reasons why you should get a COVID-19 vaccine

At the brink of an unprecedented Covid-19 vaccination campaign, some may still not be sure whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Here Professor Martin Michaelis and Dr Mark Wass of the School of Biosciences give the ten reasons why you should get vaccinated:

… 1) Its rapid development does not mean it is less safe
… 2) The vaccines cannot cause COVID-19 because they do not contain the coronavirus
… 3) The vaccines do not interact with DNA
… 4) Most side effects are caused by the desired immune response
… 5) Most alleged side effects are probably not caused by vaccines
… 6) The ‘natural’ infection may kill you, instead of providing better immune protection
… 7) You protect yourself and others
… 8) Be realistic on the level of safety expected from a vaccine and the danger Covid-19 poses
… 9) The more people getting vaccinated means the greater a success it will be
… 10) Lastly, if still debating, be as critical with both arguments against and in favour and you’ll see the evidence is clear

Professor Michaelis and Dr Wass run a joint computational/ wet laboratory. Dr Wass is a computational biologist with expertise in structural biology and big data analysis. Prof Michaelis’ research is focused on the identification and investigation of drugs and their mechanisms of action, with a focus on cancer and viruses. With regard to viruses, Prof Michaelis and Dr Wass work on virus-host cell interactions and antiviral drug targets. In the cancer field, they investigate drug resistance in cancer. In collaboration with Professor Jindrich Cinatl (Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main), they manage and develop the Resistant Cancer Cell Line (RCCL) Collection, a unique collection of 2,000 cancer cell lines with acquired resistance to anti-cancer drugs. They are also interested in meta-research that investigates research practices in the life sciences.

You don’t like hearing it from no stinking foreigners?

How about from the heart of Dixie?


Why it’s safe and important to get the COVID-19 vaccine by Savannah Koplon January 15, 2021

University of Alabama Birmingham

Now that effective vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed and are being distributed to members of the public, it is key for folks to understand the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines and why they greatly outweigh mild potential side effects or inconvenience that may be associated.

The possibility of serious complications for anyone who gets the virus — along with the public health consequences of the pandemic’s continuing its course — are strong reasons in favor of getting vaccinated, explains Michael Saag, M.D., professor of medicine in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Division of Infectious Diseases. But what else should the public know?


Or the big boys and girls at Johns Hopkins

www. hopkinsmedicine. org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/covid-19-vaccine-what-you-need-to-know

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized use of vaccines for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Lisa Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H., senior director of infection prevention, and Gabor Kelen, M.D., director of Johns Hopkins Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response, address common questions and explain how a vaccine could affect the current pandemic.

Learn more about:

COVID-19 Vaccines and How They Work
Getting the Vaccine
Protection and Immunity
Vaccine Safety and Side Effects
Women and Children



IMHO, those who refuse the vaccine aren’t being very smart, but then again, this pandemic has shown many humans aren’t very smart.
As long as the most high-risk groups are getting it -- that's the biggest step, and that seems to be what is happening. Although, the more people get it the faster we reach herd immunity. At least for the original virus.
IMHO, those who refuse the vaccine aren’t being very smart, but then again, this pandemic has shown many humans aren’t very smart.
You got that right:
A private school founded by an anti-vaccination activist in South Florida has warned teachers and staff against taking the COVID-19 vaccine, saying it will not employ anyone who has received the shot.

Centner stood by the decision Tuesday in a statement sent to The Associated Press, which featured the biologically impossible claim that unvaccinated women have experienced miscarriages and other reproductive problems just by standing in proximity to vaccinated people.

Centner and her husband David Centner started the school in 2019 after moving to Miami from New York. The school’s website promotes “medical freedom” from vaccines and offers to help parents opt out of vaccines that are otherwise required for students in Florida.

At least the “not very smart” will be sticking together in their own private school. Pity for the children though to be raised in such an environment of misinformation.




First example. A report appeared on Telegram stating that on 18 November, the German parliament would adopt amendments to the federal law on protection against infectious diseases. According to the author of this message, the country will introduce “mandatory vaccinations, total control to be carried out by the Bundeswehr, restrictions on freedom of assembly, a ban on travel and games kostenlos , the rights to freedom of religion, the inviolability of private housing will be violated”.

Is it true that the Bundestag was going to pass such amendments to the law that introduce total control and compulsory vaccination?

I have found nothing saying that on the mainstream European net.

In Europe, in most countries, anti covid vaccination will not be compulsory, but no vaccinated people will have to take special care before doing many things as traveling abroad. For instance to present a test result from less than 72 H.

A sanitary passport is being studied.




For those people who are of the critical misunderstanding that we have this enemy beaten, lest we forget that 45,000 people are still becoming infected EVERY week. If you are one of them , the light at the end of the tunnel seems rather far off. I had Covid and even if it was a mild case, I spent 5 days on oxygen in hospital. This disease is far from over and anyone who is foolish enough to ignore safety precautions is a ready target for this insidious enemy.

West’s Cold War Prolongs Pandemic

By Finian Cunningham

May 06, 2021 “Information Clearing House” - - "Sputnik News " - US President Joe Biden this week hailed his target of administering 200 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine within 100 days of taking office. But Biden’s apparent success in rolling out vaccination may only offer his nation short-lived protection from the coronavirus.

That’s because the American strategy may be described as “vaccine nationalism” – that is, the imperative to vaccinate all US citizens before contributing to international efforts to immunize all nations. The lack of international effort is, in turn, a hostage of Cold War mentality toward China and Russia.

The gaping disparity between on the one hand the United States and other so-called rich nations and on the other hand the majority of low-income countries is causing observers to condemn “vaccine apartheid” and “vaccine inequity”. Whereas the United States can claim up to 50 percent of its population has received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, in many other parts of the world the percentage of the population immunized is only a fraction.

The US, Britain, and other so-called developed nations stand accused of hoarding vaccine supplies beyond what their own populations need in order to be fully covered. This largely explains why the United Nations’ COVAX program to assist the international distribution of vaccines has so far failed miserably.
A more ethical and medically feasible strategy would be for all nations to work in a concerted way to ensure the global population is advanced together with protective cover. The watchword: no nation is safe until all are safe.

Look at the cases of India and Brazil. Those countries are seeing rampant outbreaks of Covid-19 from new virulent strains. Hospitals are overwhelmed and crematoria can’t cope with the bodies piling up. The longer the disease persists from lack of vaccination the more new outbreaks will erupt. This will come back to haunt everywhere on the planet, including those nations like the US where vaccination has been so far relatively successful. The perplexing unknowns are: how long can existing vaccines provide protection for, and can they work against new virulent mutations of the disease? It could turn out that the US’ seeming success at immunization is only a temporary respite from the pandemic.

Apart from lacking political will, several other factors militate against an internationalist approach to fighting the pandemic.

A big factor is a constraint from corporate capitalism. The jabs innovated by the United States, including Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Novavax, are expensive and unaffordable for wide distribution in poor nations. There are also technical problems with storage and transport given the requirements for sub-zero temperature preservation of the pharmaceuticals.

Another problem is the intellectual property rights of private Pharma companies. Poorer nations are calling on Western companies to waiver property rights so that the jabs can be manufactured generically and locally. The United States and other Western governments have refused to grant such waivers in order to protect the profits of their companies, even though public money was crucial in supporting the rapid development of Covid vaccines.

Still another problem is the lack of public trust in the safety of some vaccines. The Oxford-AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been hampered by concerns over blood-clotting side-effects which can result in deaths. While European regulators have said the risk is minimal, and that the benefits far outweigh any harmful side effects, nevertheless several countries have discontinued using these jabs. The lack of public trust leads to lower uptake in vaccination which delays defeating the pandemic and thus all the deleterious repercussions, from new mutations to socially crushing lockdowns.

This then raises the question: why not enlist the vaccines manufactured by China and Russia in a collective global campaign to eradicate the pandemic?
China has at least two vaccines available: Sinovac and Sinopharm with several others also being tested. Russia has produced Sputnik V. These three vaccines have been given approval in about 70 countries so far, including European states which are dissatisfied by the slow rollout overseen by the European Union.

The Chinese and Russian vaccines have been shown in trials to be highly effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths among symptomatic cases. There are no major concerns about safety issues from side effects. Moreover, unlike Western counterparts, they are relatively cheap to deliver and store.

China and Russia have also supplied some countries with free deliveries based on humanitarian concerns and have agreed to local production arrangements.

This accounts for why so many countries around the world have taken up the Chinese and Russian vaccines compared with Western jabs. The World Health Organization is expected to give Emergency Use Listing to Sinovac, Sinopharm, and Sputnik V in the coming weeks. (Why it hasn’t done so already is a good question, while having granted authorization to the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson drugs.)

When the WHO gives authorization to the Chinese and Russian jabs, it can be anticipated that the global uptake of these vaccines will greatly increase.

China has achieved a vaccine rollout of nearly 200 million doses in its own population comparable to the United States. Although with more than four times the population, China has still more to do in order to reach full protection. However, unlike the US, China has supplied an equal number of doses to dozens of other nations.

Washington and its Western allies have deprecated Chinese and Russian efforts as “vaccine diplomacy”, insinuating that Beijing and Moscow are using the pandemic to gain a soft-power advantage. This view is cynical and contemptible. The inability to think beyond Cold War-style hostility is literally making the world a sick place.

China and Russia understand that the best and most ethical way to defeat the pandemic is through vaccine internationalism, solidarity, and humanitarianism. No country is safe until all are safe.

  • By contrast, the United States and its Western allies are acting with narrow self-interest which is prolonging the pandemic, increasing deaths worldwide, and, ultimately, self-defeating

Fake news. Nobody is refusing to help countries where vaccination is slower. It is imperative for America to vaccinate as many of its own citizens as possible first. Same with other western nations. Surplus vaccines are already heading towards whoever needs them but it’s not going to be accomplished overnight.

Fake news back at you 1guy. Vaccine Technology is being withheld to the detriment of poorer countries.

And blow back to the west. But thats the profit motive for you so what else would you expect

Is biden all talk on this? Lets see

everyone will support together