Questions about COVID-19 vaccine?

There is a virtual Q&A with the NEA on January 12. They have a list of doctors answering questions.

Virtual Q&A on COVID-19 Vaccines

Here’s an update. It’s still here and the war against Covid ain’t close to being over. Time to step up and get to understand the medical science. Here’s a simple summary

MSNBC. The Washington Post is reporting on the details of an internal CDC document it obtained that warns the Covid Delta variant spreads as easily as chickenpox and causes more several illness than previous variants. We discuss that and more with Dr. Vin Gupta, Shannon Pettypiece, and Julie Pace.


COVID Data Tracker

Interpretive Summary for July 30, 2021

Don’t Run Down the Shot Clock

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are once again increasing in nearly all states, fueled by the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant, which is much more contagious than past versions of the virus. The highest spread of cases and severe outcomes is happening in places with low vaccination rates. Although COVID-19 vaccination is the most effective prevention measure, vaccination ratesacross the United States have varied.

COVID-19 vaccines are very effective, but no vaccine is perfect. In some instances, fully vaccinated people will get COVID-19 and may be contagious. These are called “vaccine breakthrough cases.” A new CDC study finds that B.1.617.2 (Delta) can lead to breakthrough infections. This means that while vaccinated people are much less likely to get sick, it will still happen in some cases. As the number of people who are vaccinated goes up, the number of breakthrough cases is also expected to increase, even as the vaccines remain highly effective.
United States Levels of Community Transmission by County as of July 27, 2021

Vaccines help protect people from getting COVID-19 or from getting severely ill from it. Unvaccinated people should get vaccinated and continue masking. CDC also recommends that fully vaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission. With the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant rapidly spreading throughout the country, this is more urgent than ever. To find a vaccine provider near you, visit or your state or local public health department website. If you or someone you know is hesitant about COVID-19 vaccination, CDC has information and answers to frequently asked questions to help them inform their decision.

Note to readers: On July 27, 2021, CDC announced updated Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention Strategies. Among strategies to prevent COVID-19, CDC recommends all unvaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings. Based on emerging evidence of the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant, CDC also recommends that fully vaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission. To see the level of community transmission in your county, visit COVID Data Tracker.


If people do not get vaccinated the virus will not only become endemic, but our vaccines could be useless. The key is everyone getting vaccinated against COVID-19. We need at least 80%, but even then it it could still evolve. Right now, the Delta variant could even infect fully vaccinated people, but at this point, the majority who do get it have mild symptoms. It won’t stay like this if it continues to evolve.

More on vaccines, masking, social distancing, etc and vaccine resistance variants:

I have been sent this link;

[ The COVID-19 Dossier incriminates Pfizer even more than you might have realized]

I have tried to check the contents.

  • Yes a federal judge has ordered the release of ten of thousands pages about Pfizer vaccine.

  • Yes it seems that Pfizer has cheated about his trials and so

But it seem to me that, beyond that, it is pure speculation and lies.

Among them, the idea that vaccinated people can transmit the virus seems to me rather stupid.

Any reference ?

Citizens seems like a right wing news site. It doesn’t even link to the more popular social sites and, if I recall, Parlor is the dotard’s new social site. Even so, I need to see the actual report on concerning this vaccine, because I don’t believe there is 100% fact to this story. There might be a slight bit of truth in it, but not enough to take it seriously without more info. That said, I’m glad my family got Moderna.