Supreme Court's insane decision to OKAY Bump Stocks

Justice Thomas rewrites the definition of what a Machine Gun is and his MAGA cronies jump on the band wagon.
MAGA Supreme Court invites open season on ATF agents and anyone else they target.

MAGA Justice Thomas continuing his MAGA attack on USA juryprudence.

It’ll be interesting hearing our local spin doctor opine,
Nothing to see here, move along folks.

Nah, nothing to see here:

How short our memories have become.

Yeah, this Clarence Thomas

But, how many actually worry about it?
I tell you watching this country unravel is really really disheartening, especially after putting a precious little 1/2 year old to bed and coming down to find this is what MAGA wants for her future, an utterly lawless nation of people who can’t see beyond their own greed, and who for the most part couldn’t careless about anything but their own personal interest.

MAGA people, have you no shame, have you no common sense, have you nothing but hatred for others ? ? ?
Let’s make America a country where no one can feel safe anymore.
Excuse me while I go and puke.

I have to wonder how ugly will it get as our manmade global warming, forced climate change, inflicts increasing damage on our citizens, infrastructure, and the economy.

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It’s disgusting in its ignorance of recent history. What also sucks is the fact that this ruling kinda telegraphs their upcoming decision on the Chevron doctrine. MAGAs want to get rid of their “dark state,” which is the collection of agencies that are experts in their fields. For sure, Marjorie, Ron, and Ted can make better decisions than those who are woke.

Well, when things go wrong, it can always be attributed to the Democratic “deep state” that tries to weaponize law-enforcement, which is what it is supposed to do.

Of course, weaponized enforcement of the laws in accordance with standardized rules IS the purview of “law-enforcement” . It is inherent in the phrase “enforcement”.

It is the de-enforcement (defunding) of weaponized law-enforcement while increasingly weaponizing civilians that presents the danger to the nation.

Somehow , a “well regulated” militia is replaced by well-regulated “gangs”.

Gangs in the United States are groups of people who engage in criminal activities and violence123. There are different types of gangs, such as street, prison, outlaw motorcycle, and ethnic and organized crime gangs12. According to law enforcement estimates, there were over 33,000 gangs with approximately 1.4 million members in the country as of 2011-12. Gang membership is associated with various risk factors and negative outcomes, such as offending and victimization3.
Gangs in the United States - Wikipedia

Marjorie Taylor Greene et al as well as other MAGAts have the brains of walnuts. They just love their guns and think everyone should have one, with no laws about guns, unless you are a Democrat, then everything they want to remove applies to the Dems. Really insane.

The ban was a minor cosmetic move by Trump to shut liberals up about gun control for a few days. At the time it was seen as good thing, but now it’s hard to see what it accomplished as there have been dozens of mass shootings since 2018.

Look on the bright side, though – this proves SCOTUS is not as committed to Trump as libs think it is.

Except that everyone who does support Trump, now have access to legal, but fully automatic machine guns when they start a civil war.

What it demonstrates is that one law won’t change the culture. The problem is the patchwork. The NRA knows this and fights each change, thus maintaining the patchwork, keeping people afraid, and wanting more guns. Circular logic. A gun gives a false feeling of power for individuals, unless you spend the needed time in training how to use it.

We had a safe gun culture once, and we can have it again.

That’s one way of looking at it.

:laughing: Well, let’s just hope civil wars don’t qualify as mass shootings.

Trump: we win or it will be a bloodbath!

Are you still smirking? With bumpstocks, automatic machineguns can deliver 500 rounds a minute and an actual civil war will result in a blood bath.

So you better be very afraid and hope that never happens.

All the military overseas in bases on other peoples land would have to come home for the civil war

Yes, and leave those countries open to invasion by Russia, No Korea, China

No . Russian china not war economies like the USA

Then why did Russia start a war with Ukraine and China threatens to take Taiwan, if they are peaceful nations.

Didnt start any war and how do invade your own country?

Oh. There it is. Did they just say Ukraine is part of Russia?

Trump is a madman, who wants to create white nationalist autocracy, not unlike Hitler in many respects. He even tried a copy of the infamous insurrectionist Beer Hall Putsch that landed Hitler in prison for treason.

It is Trump who threatens a “blood bath” if he doesn’t win the upcoming election. He wants to end American Democracy altogether and install himself as emperor for life.

You see, that’s the only way he can prevent from going to prison for his crimes.

A “serving” president has temporary immunity from prosecution as long as
he is in office. The president can be impeached but that is acomplicated political matter.

Trump and biden are madmen

Are you saying Ukraine is Russia’s country?

What a tangled web we weave,

So Stateless, you’re in support of this war Putin dumped on Ukraine?