Still have a few teeth in my head

Greetings -

Happy to be here! Looks like many in here have one of those education thingies! I didn’t pursue mine till I was 36 and became an overnight critical thinking junkie. My undergrad was at Sonoma State U., home of so I took the plunge.

Having just turned 60 I’ve realized that developing intuition and somatic intelligence is just as important as sharp wits, so I’m a very happy chi kung practitioner and maintain an athletic level of fitness. I’m currently trying to establish what are the norms for a post-industrial, post-consumerist, ecologically sustainable lifestyle. I’m not convinced we will survive but I haven’t thrown in the towel just yet.

Geography for the world, agnostic Buddhism for the inner terrain, Taoism for the body-mind. Currently writing a piece of fiction on the American Homestead Act of 2024.