Hello All

Just joined. I am interested in this big wide world and most things in it. I love to cook and I am into Buddhism.

<p style=“text-align: left;”>Interesting. Looking forward to some recipes</p>

Well thank you for replying. Zero response is a pretty depressing start.

@rocala Welcome. What branch of Buddhism do you practice?

Hi @mriana , thanks for the welcome.

I have not so far gone to that degree of practice. The group that I attend for lectures, retreats etc is Triratna. Around the same time that I started to get into Buddhism I also discovered Modern Druidry. It seems that many find the two compatible. It is an idea which I find attractive as I am very drawn to nature. I am currently reading about Zen, and will probably be looking in to that when the covid problem is over.

I think it is fair to say that my spirituality is a work in progress, and probably always will be.


@rocala everyone is a work in progress. My older son, age 31, has been into Buddhism since he was a teen, but he’s never made a complete commitment to it or attended the local Buddhist temple (which isn’t actually a temple. It’s just a building really).

Welcome, yes it a small group and respondences don’t come in as much a we might hope. That why we need more folks like you, rocala, willing to step and participate. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

This forum use to be really jumping, but a lot of people were lost or left when the forum was upgraded/changed.

Thank you @citizenschallengev3.