Speaking of alternative medicine: How About Music?




Hoffmanian Conscious Agents have no way to explain what happened within that audience, particularly at 0:42 min - but neuroscience,

with a lot more work, could. :slight_smile:

Hmmm guess I should back up the boast of the title, perhaps I owe you a little data dump. :slight_smile:


Music as medicine - American Psychology Association

Researchers are exploring how music therapy can improve health outcomes among a variety of patient populations, including premature infants and people with depression and Parkinson’s disease.

By Amy Novotney, November 2013, Vol 44, No. 10 - apa _ org/monitor/2013/11/music


Music as Medicine: The Healing Power of Music

powerfulpatients _ org/2020/06/29/music-as-medicine-the-healing-power-of-music/

June 29, 2020The late neurologist, Oliver Sacks in his book “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain,” argued that music is essential to being human in ways that we’ve only begun to understand. Music stimulates the brain centers that register reward and pleasure, which is why listening to a favorite song can make you happy. There is in fact no single musical center in the brain, but rather multiple brain networks that analyze music when it plays, thereby giving music the power to influence everything from our mood to memory.

For cancer patients, music can be a powerful therapeutic tool in coping with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. “Music was so important to me, “says breast density and cancer patient advocate, Siobhan Feeney (@BreastDense), “because my concentration was so poor I really struggled with reading books and watching movies through chemo. I walked a lot and plugged into lots of beautiful music along the way.”

The Evidence Base for Music Therapy …


musicasmedicineproject _ org

To create access to music, music education, and Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects as a tool for cultivating resilient cultures in our communities.

This Music As Medicine Project, offers a direct cultural response to those aspects of our society breeding fear and separation. When we stand together, creatively united under the principles of respect, truth speaking, inclusivity, and connection, we inherently strengthen relationships and inner tools for navigating our present realities together.

Music As Medicine is committed to implementing the combination of music and the teachings of Joanna Macy to help our communities metabolise systemic trauma, cultivate energy for action, reconnect with the more-than-human world, and create meaningful artistic cultures.

Those were quickly chosen from a google search, and I make no claim, still it’s obvious to me there’s something to it, and there’s much more information out there.



Love that posted video!

Music can reach deep into your psyche.

As an amateur musician, playing/participating in music can surely dig into your emotions.

So following on that your attitude/disposition is half the battle over health (I agree) Music can facilitate healing.



Though you might want to call it Alternative Supplements so you don’t upset the purists. :wink:



I’ll see you on the music, and raise the bet.

I myself believe music (at its best) is capable of being the ‘purest’ religion people have achieved.



Music therapy is an established field of therapy and achieves great healing results under care of a trained / skilled music therapist.

There is certainly truth to “music is the healer”.

That video is so beautiful. It shows the power of empathy. The neural mirror function that allows us to “understand” each other.


IMO there is no doubt that harmony in wave function has an emergent quality which far exceeds the sum of the individual frequencies. The chemical definition: (chemistry) An attractive force between atoms, or groups of atoms, that contributes towards their forming bonds

Affinity (Science and technology)
Affinity (mathematics), an affine transformation preserving collinearity
Affinity (pharmacology), a characterisation of protein-ligand binding strength
Binding affinity, a measure of the interaction of ligands with their binding sites
Affinity (sociology), a shared interest and commitment between persons in groups and/or willingness to associate
Affinity (taxonomy), a suggestion of common descent or type
Affinity chromatography
Affinity electrophoresis
Affinity laws, laws used in hydraulics to express relationships between variables involved in fan or pump performance
Affine transformation, a type of transformation applied to a geometry
Chemical affinity, used to describe or characterise elements’ or compounds’ readiness to form bonds
Electron affinity
Processor affinity, a computing term for the assignment of a task to a given core of a multicore CPU

What is another word for affinity?

sympathy partiality predilection predisposition proclivity propensity bond disposition empathy fondness
232 more rows

https://www.wordhippo.com › what-is › affinity


Another video that contributes to your health

I love Bobby Mcferrin.

@citizenchallengev3 I’m not so sure that music is alt. med. I think it has been established as a true therapeutic method of helping those with TBI, depression, and other mental and physical health issues. It’s less invasive for starters.

That said, music can either reflect you mood, help you out of a funk, or keep you in a funk. That said, it is beneficial for many things dealing with mental health and neuroscience.