Some religions support abortion rights. Their leaders are speaking up

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By Julianne McShane - May 5, 2022

… In the sermon, which ( Rabbi Mara Nathan, the senior rabbi at Temple Beth-El in San Antonio) titled “The Right to Choose is a Jewish Value,” Nathan took aim at the law, known as S.B. 8, and outlined how, as she put it, “Judaism has always been pro-choice.”

“In response to her sermon, Nathan received a standing ovation, she said, along with angry reactions from “a few people who were upset” that she addressed abortion access from the pulpit. But Nathan saw speaking up as part of her rabbinical responsibility, she said. …”

More than a half-dozen major religions and denominations support abortion rights with few or some limits — Conservative and Reform Judaism, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Unitarian Universalist Church and the United Church of Christ, among others

Unitarian Universalists, its central organization, passed a resolution in 1987 affirming “the right to choose contraception and abortion as a legitimate expression of our constitutional rights.” In 2015, it issued a “Statement of Conscience,” outlining its support for the reproductive justice framework.

The United Church of Christ, a mainline Protestant denomination, has released statements and passed resolutions supporting abortion rights since the 1970s.

“… The network of over 2,000 faith leaders helped more than 250,000 women obtain abortions from 1967 to 1973, according to Gillian Frank, a historian of gender and sexuality who is writing a book about the Clergy Consultation Service.”

Other religions, including Islam, the Baha’i faith and the United Methodist and Episcopal churches, allow abortion out of medical necessity. Nathan said support for abortion is found in Jewish holy texts, and in her sermon last fall, she quoted a passage from the Talmud, the main source of Jewish law and theology, that she said establishes the right to terminate a pregnancy if it is endangering a pregnant person’s life.

It’s all about the messaging, and these folks just get it wrong IMO. It’s not about abortion rights. It’s about exercising God’s greatest gift, free will. When a so called pro-lifer hears the phrase “abortion rights” they hear “the right to kill”. So fighting for abortion rights to them is fighting for the right to kill. You’ll never change a single mind that way, and really you’ll make them dig in deeper. BUT - change the conversation to the right to use God’s gift of freewill is a different matter. Are you saying you don’t want me to use this wonderful gift god gave us? Don’t you think God looks down on you lowly humans trying to take away His Divine gift? Shame on you!
Now pound away at that message, over and over, short and simple. Make the anti-choicers feel ashamed for betraying God. Over and over.

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Even the Episcopal Church put out a statement in support of women’s right to choose.

I little humor with a deeper insight once you stop laughing.

(Warning: crude language)

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