What The Talmud Says.

Do you support the jews? Most likely, you do. Because that’s what they trained you to do. But you should stop and consider what their religion teaches. For example, in the talmud it says, “In one, for instance, where her husband had intercourse with her before the age of three and found blood, and when he had intercourse after the age of three he found no blood.” If you don’t support screwing babies, you shouldn’t support the jews.
I also have four pages of teachings from the talmud to show you. It’s no wonder that in Israel, it isn’t unknown for jews to spit on non-jews. It happened to an American reporter there named Anne Barker. She took an involuntary spit shower. Just for added measure, I will include a couple pictures of jews sucking baby penis. If you support the jews, maybe it’s time for you to rethink your position.