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teresa may to leave in June.

This is supposed to be a sort of discussion forum, not an idiot’s wall to graffiti.



I don’t see why mentioning Theresa May’s exit from the stage is inappropriate in a forum on politics. It is inappropriate to use epithets though, and they are against the rules as you know CC.

Player ain’t gonna go quietly. I agree with you though CC, he’s been either just disagreeing to disagree or putting up this news items. If he’s not deliberately trolling (which is always a hard call to make), in the longest interaction I’ve had with him, he seemed to belief that his rhetorical questions were witty and meaningful. They weren’t and I called him out on that, so he switched to saying I just couldn’t handle his barrage of obviously intelligent statements/questions. That’s as close to calling someone stupid as you can get and still stay within the forum rules. The kid’s got game.

Rattansi on May. Absolutely brutal.

So requesting a little substance is going too far?

Aren’t moderators supposed to help further constructive dialogues?

Okay, guess that’s expecting too much.

Not that I object to getting my hand slapped - guess implying some are trying to reduce this board to a “idiot’s wall to graffiti on” is going too far.

I know, I know, the key to happiness is to have no expectations.

He performed excellently there…

…his doggedness in refusing to be reined in as he enumerated May’s failings and crimes is to be applauded.


Thanks for that last post.

I’d reached pretty much the same conclusion. I no longer think trolling is the intention, because every now and then a post is not aggressive or insulting and actually makes sense… What we see in our friend’s short posts is probably what passes for his wit. (or at least half of it).

Do I misunderstand, or is the the constant answering with questions not under discussion a use of the straw man fallacy?

Theresa May? Not living in the UK, it has been my [simplistic?] perception that Brexit is about political power, and has little if anything to do with the welfare of the UK.

If I lived in the UK, I would probably be chewing the carpet and muttering “a plague on both your houses”. I think it may be too late to repair the damage May seems to have done. Of course, I’m just an ignorant foreigner, what do I know?



I also am an ignorant outsider when it comes to Brexit, but if it is frustrating to me that they stay stuck, it must be much worse for them. I also don’t understand the EU elections, but it seems that they indicate that the UK is as ambivalent as ever about just the decision to leave the EU, and that they are unlikely to come to any decision as to how to go about leaving between now and Halloween. I say… there must be 50 ways to leave eur union… just hop on the bus Gus, make a new plan Stan, just drop off the key Lee, and get eurself free.

As far as the other EU election results, I continue to be discomforted by the gains of hard right elements about the world. (I suspect Steve Bannon’s influence, among others, but that may just be some paranoia of mine.) But the hard righties make gains in France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Hungary. Not good, imo.

I also noticed that a Socialist Party won in Spain. According to our Amerkins that means that Spain is soon destined to become a Communist failed State.

“I also noticed that a Socialist Party won in Spain. According to our Amerkins that means that Spain is soon destined to become a Communist failed State.”

Indeed.Especially if the US puts 0n its sheriff hat and decides to bring them democracy.

Yeah, okay. Sorry I think it was a case of kicking the proverbial dog, when something altogether different had me fuming at the moment of my regrettable post.


As for this Brexit I too know very little, except it always sounded like a really bad self-destructive move. I though/think the European Union was a great idea - I was strongly influenced by parents who grew up in 30s/ 40s Europe and kept up on current affairs so I was quite aware of the EU forming and it’s philosophical underpinning, which seemed to them and me as far as I understand it Enlightened Thinking at its best.

Of course, when the power players in the game become increasingly obsessed with the ME FIRST mindset, and profits rules all, then of course things tend to turn messy.

Too bad we’re always abandoning and running away from the messes of our own making. Or in that case the UK’s own making.


I, too, wish the Divided Kingdom, I mean the “United” Kingdom had not decided to leave the EU, but since they have, I wish they would just get on with it. I guess they are just trying to be like the Divided States, I mean the “United” States.

I thought the main reason for Brexit was Britain thought Brussels had too much say in their affairs. Yet none of the UK parties seem to have the ability to make it happen.

Britain seems to have most of the same problems the rest of Western Europe has – aging population, problems with immigrants, failing infrastructure and low fertility so I don’t know what options they think they have.

IMO Europe is a has-been continent anyway and the EU was a kind of post WW2 life support system that is now failing.


The mess is a simple matter of the UK oligarchs not allowing the divorce from europe.


“IMO Europe is a has-been continent anyway and the EU was a kind of post WW2 life support system that is now failing.”

OMG how fickle and superficial. No context provided with the rise if neoliberialism

True enough, neoliberalism is horrible. It developed from the postwar order though.