Senator Graham Lindsey ramps it up another few notches: Let's riot in the streets! MAGAman

Radical Republican traitor Lindsey Graham threatened “riots in the streets” if Donald Trump is prosecuted for stealing our top secret documents.

That Lindsey is amazing at plumbing new depths of political depravity. Perhaps time to dedicate a thread to his coming meltdown. Perhaps a little past history to warm it up.

Hmm, the article I read didn’t say he threatened riots, only that there would be riots if drumpf was arrested. I know it’s easy to bash government, but I have a feeling they’ve already thought about that and would plan ahead.

Guess you haven’t been brought up to speed on how gangsters, who are always careful about being taped, weave messages between the lines.

After all it’s easy to do.
“Have you stopped beating your wife?”

Just a mild example of playing with words.


We’ll see if this meme is dead trial balloon or whether it’s going to be coming up more often.


Incidentally, another provocative case in point:

According to a New York Times report, before Garland reached the podium, there was something the former president wanted him to know.

Shortly before Mr. Garland made the announcement, a person close to Mr. Trump reached out to a Justice Department official to **pass along a message from the former president to the attorney general. Mr. Trump wanted Mr. Garland to know that he had been checking in with people around the country and found them to be enraged by the search.

“The country is on fire” was the message that Mr. Trump wanted conveyed, according to a person familiar with the exchange. “What can I do to reduce the heat?”**

I have so many questions about this.

Why would Trump, in the midst of a burgeoning scandal, after the FBI had already executed a search warrant at one of his properties, think it was a good idea to “reach out”? Did his lawyers approve of such a move?

How, exactly, did the former president try to communicate with the attorney general? Was there a phone call? From whom? To whom? Was any of this put in writing?

I’m also a little confused by the message itself. …

Yeah, when I heard it I took it as his “prediction” so to speak, rather than a call to arms.

But either way, I don’t think he’s wrong.

There will be protests, and we’ll see how quickly they get out of hand, or how heavily policed they will be.

The gov’t is already on high alert because of other things about trump.

We shall see.
A lot of pissed off people, but most are posers, we’re too used to the easy life and even our tough guys are soft.

All the ring leaders with their megaphones keep making big promises, but it never really does materialize. It usually turns out to be the clown next door or the bully who cries victim the moment he gets himself bobbed.

I was much more worried at the beginning of this MAGA thing and the pro fighters, but it takes more than a big mouth and that seems what they are left with at this point, I could be wrong. Things always seem to escalate in the long run, but then we got that thing nipping at our tails, that’s going to change EVERYTHING.


Oh but it’s still worth talking about, worrying about and trying to be a bit aware of what’s happening on the other side.

I don’t think you’d find anything similar from someone that high ranking. Normally, leadership keeps their contacts with protestors much quieter. They use back channels to let them know that they support their cause and their free speech rights, but they don’t publicly say violence is an expected response. They do, and should, be saying that peaceful measures should be used.

Graham is playing with being a promoter of insurrection, just like Trump’s “both sides” and “stand by” comments.

The only riots that will happen, if the dotard is prosecuted for his crimes will be by his minions. , who are in the minority. That said though, they do have the weapons though and they are violent animals, who have been brainwashed cult members.

Here’s an interesting take and some news.
Monday August 29, 2022

Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham now directly threatening violence if Trump is prosecuted by law enforcement. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on his remark that “there literally will be riots” as Graham himself faces legal trouble as a witness in the GA election probe, and reports on broader double standards in law enforcement and also the resolve of prosecutors against threats.

A news story worth keeping up on:

Rep. David Cicilline: “We see people like Lindsey Graham who are essentially saying, ‘Either allow [Trump] to get away with what he’s doing, or there will be more violence.’ That’s a fascist statement. It’s the use of violence for political means.”

I think there’s only one thing that would prevent the riots, and really stop the maga cult in its tracks, and that’s video or audio of trump and these clowns like Cruz, Graham, etc. talking about bilking his supporters, calling them idiots, and laughing at their gullibility. Either that or a leaked image from Russia showing trump standing in front of a shower or something with his fat belly hanging out, hair down around his ears. Either of those would ruin his brand instantly.

Watch any documentary on a cult that died or at least fizzled out, and it’s usually because the leader is shown to be something other than the brand they’ve developed.

Moqtada al-Sadr called for peace from his followers after he left politics and riots erupted.

And he apologized to the people of Iraq!

Come to DC it will be wild - MAGA!
Nothing to see here?

Glenn Kirschner joins the show to discuss the senator’s ominous remarks and the latest on Trump’s alleged mishandling of official government documents.

Then there’s interesting expeditious example of Asia Janay Lavarello:


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Honolulu Woman Receives Three Months in Prison for Removal and Retention of Classified Material

HONOLULU – Asia Janay Lavarello, 32, was sentenced in the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii on February 10, 2022, by Chief U.S. District Court Judge J. Michael Seabright to three months of imprisonment and a $5,500 fine for knowingly removing classified information concerning the national defense or foreign relations of the United States and retaining it at an unauthorized location. Lavarello had pleaded guilty to the charge in July 2021.

Court documents list several specific instances in which Lavarello mishandled classified material of the United States. …

We live in dangerous times. The Republican Party is becoming openly fascist. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party thinks it is better qualified to prosecute the coming war against China and Russia and impose austerity. In other words, far from defending democratic rights, it is attacking Trump from the right.
It is imperative for the international working class to organise and pursue its own, independent interests. Otherwise, a catastrophic global war will be imposed from above, a war in which there will be no victors.

That idea is not new. Wherever it has been attempted it has resulted in governments that aren’t that different from what we have now.

Here’s some interesting information.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham lied about what he said calling for “riots in the streets” if Trump gets indicted.

Interesting summary of the creep.