SELF HELP Guide for a Schizophrenic Mind without Medicine or pharmaceutical

Help for a Schizophrenic Mind without Medicine or pharmaceutical by Gordon Martin
A natural reaction to the symptoms of Schizophrenia and to being spied upon and having your privacy invaded , is paranoia.
Use the following guide to help with your Schizophrenia :
Refuse to become, paranoid and isolated…share and discuss your experiences with your friends (please trust in your friends , family and embrace counseling ) or even online…at the very least you will be able to get a few good laughs out of it.
If unable to sleep, or suffering sleep deprivation , concentrate and listen to a soothing audio of your choice , by leaving the TV or radio on the whole night ,you will enjoy a dreamless sleep.
You may not be able to bear a turned on TV or radio… in which case find a chant, song or sound you like and repeat it constantly in your head to block the voices, till you fall asleep.
Refuse to let your thoughts trouble you. If recurring bad memories haunt you, causing guilt and fear, Take deep breaths and force yourself to live in the present . Keep a happy picture in your head that you can refer to at anytime when troubled.
Write down your experiences, in a notebook or on your computer, this will help you escape the trap of your own mind, the act of putting words to paper will snap you into reality.
Vigorous exercise will cure depression by flooding your brain with the chemical dopamine, a natural feel good and high.
Give yourself a positive label …. Such as happy, prosperous, strong, willed, joyful, peaceful, good, well, or any other label of positive reinforcement to counter the negative emotions/character building in your mind. I have used self hypnosis to do this, my method is to constantly repeat my positive reinforcements till I fall asleep.
Put all your concentration into your work and hobbies.
Feel free to vent your anger on the voices in privacy …… Never, ever, on friends and family, if separated from them and isolated, things could get a lot worse for you.
Inform and help your fellow sufferers and offer your friendship and companionship.
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This sounds a lot like treating an organic illness, rooted in the functioning of the brain, by pure willpower–refusing to be sick and thus magically not being sick. I can’t see why it would work any better for schizophrenia than for tuberculosis, cancer, or any other organic illness. And it strikes me as dangerous to suggest to people with a serious illness that they don’t need medical help, that they can “beat” the disease just by following a few simple rules.

Obviously, you don’t know anyone living with schizophrenia…
It’s a far more complicated than you think…

Gordon has posted some stuff dealing with schizophrenia before. He may simply have an incomplete understanding of his own condition. What little I know about it suggests that it’s a very tough thing to deal with.
Which brings me to make sure I’m not drawing unwarranted conclusions:
Gordon, are you schizophrenic, or do you know someone who is?

Gordon, As I said in a different thread, those sound like good suggestions for someone who has schizophrenia to use in order to cope. Unfortunately, most persons who have schizophrenia will probably not be able to function adequately or to even follow all of those suggestions without a correct pharmaceutical support.