Really confused psycic or mental health condition

Hi I’m 35 and have been all through the mental health system. I’m very mentally well and at the moment which is priceless what I am struggling with is paranoia now is this paranoia or can I pick up on things around people?i trust certain people but not others like I get this gut feeling when I meet someone if there intentions are going to be good and positive or if this person wants to be negative. If I talk to my physiatrist he will tell me I’m paranoid it’s apart of my illness I also Dream things before they happen. I’m so confused am I poorly or am I very sensitive and a good judge of character? All opinions would greatly appreciated. Thank you Lisa.

Welcome to the CFI community.

Having intuitions based on first impressions is natural. People do send out plenty of nonverbal messaging.

I think perhaps the key is to keep a healthy perspective, and appreciating your intuitions aren’t always correct and should be treaded with a bit of self-skepticism.

Good luck.

Welcome Lisa;

Have you ever looked into the mechanics of “empathy”?

Empathy is the ability to experience other peoples emotions and is due to your “mirror neural system”

This may be useful in understanding the emotions you experience when interacting with others.

Lisa above all, reject, I mean totally reject your psychiatrist’s remark saying you are “paranoid” and that it’s “part of your illness.”
The human mind is capable of learning things that aren’t true, especially from authority figures and your doctor is one such figure. How do you know you’re not nutritionally bereft of those vital ingredients that neurotransmitters are completely dependent on like the many strains of gut bacteria that are essential to mental health, things like fish oil with high amounts of DHEA and EPA, and vitamin D, magnesium, ashwaganda, phosphatydal serine, tumeric, ginko biloba and many more brain healthy nutrients that have shown to be effective in maintaining brain health. These agents work and the evidence of their efficacy can be confirmed at which is a website maintained by the National Institutes of Health, all peer reviewed. placebo controlled, and accredited by verifiable sources.
As far as your “gut feelings” as you call them are concerned, we all have them and for the most part they should be trusted. We’re all a little confused and there’s nothing wrong with feeling ambivalent about things. Paranoia is not a specific condition as much as a general symptom that all of us experience at some time in our life.
You and you alone will determine what the psychological character of the rest of your life will be like, not your psychiatrist. Make that determination, that ongoing and unfolding determination through knowledge, intuition and self love. You and only you should be in charge of the rest of your life.

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