Seeking recommendations for alternative treatment for anxiety!

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The method I tested personally is the one I found on this video (very well explained). it is based on the breath and you must practice it so that it becomes sympathetic.
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good luck.

Will star gazing work for you?

And nature observation?

Sometimes our brain needs to get proper imaging to feel relieved. Sound therapy is beautiful too. I have tried crystal healing and I do feel when negative ions around us are absorbed in crystals then it can help us feel better. Saltwater baths are equally good. Drink detox water with cucumber and lemon in it.

Do not wear dark colors. Switch to light pastels, it is part of color therapy.

Which activity do you like the most? Music, hanging out?

Do what you like for a while and do not fret about what society is thinking for a while. Sometimes, judgment pulls us down.

Also, I will suggest you to go for cognitive behavioral therapy. Be away from traditional medicine as it can lead to side effects leading to more confusion and nervousness. And switch light bulbs around you, put a golden light and not the white one.

Watch breathing carefully and let it go.

Anxiety is pathetic to deal with. I hope you feel better in no time. You need to learn to fight it with all your bravery and strength. Maybe CBD wasn’t used properly, or the dosage was not as per your body’s requirement, but I have friends who felt a lot better after they started taking it. Make sure it is legal in your State. I would recommend using Medical Cannabis in controlled doses. Talk to some of the experts around you in your area. You can start meditation to relax your body and disconnect from the chaotic world. Try to nip the Anxiety causes in the bud and inspect what triggers it. I hope this helps.

Interesting array of suggestions, I believe physical activity, then relaxation / meditation then medical/drugs/counseling are good steps to follow.

Never really thought about hypnotherapy, but I would not be opposed to trying it.

i had pretty the same problem and was advised to do physical activity, meditation, and regular 8 hours of sleep. also, i was supplied with balanced nutrition that includes natural nootropics - food that contains DHA and EPA, vitamin D3, ginkgo biloba, etc. you can additionally surf on google. it was hard to stick to the diet, so i consulted with my mentor and she said that i can replace natural nootropics with synthetic ones. they work just like general health enhancers. if you are interested i contacted realchems online shop. they have good customer support and can give you really deep consultation

I was also worried. When I finally overcame my anxiety (medication) I stopped sleeping at night. At first I started waking up at night, but after a few weeks I couldn’t sleep at all (I slept for 2-3 hours a day). I decided to fight it. On Canadian Pharmacy Online I found many ways to improve sleep (often ventilate the room, go to bed and wake up at the same time, dont sit on the phone before bed, dont drink alcohol, it would be good to take herbal medicine). So I used these methods and also bought medications to emprove sleep on this site. It helped me a lot and now I’m fine. So I think you should treat anxiety with herbal remedies

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Read this amazing article about how medical marijuana can help treat anxiety to a great extent. I wish I could tell you more but I wouldn’t spoil this article for you, I hope you find answers to your anxiety in here

Good Luck!

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Medical marijuana has been known to treat anxiety like magic. It’s beyond hearsay now; researches like these have been published multiple times that talk about the benefits of MMJ against anxiety. It’s time we move beyond the stereotypical stuff that we hear about marijuana; it has some amazing medical benefits that need to be brought to good use.

Well, so sorry about your bad experience with using CBD. But personally, I don’t think there is any better alternative to treat anxiety than hemp oil. I used it when I was having anxiety and it did work for me. I think the major problem is where you got the CBD from.

My PTSD and anxiety was so bad I couldn’t even leave my house. Took several medications prescribed by my doctor and ended up highly sedated so I was sleeping all the time. I was introduced to Bali kratom and my symptoms vanished within a few minutes! It allows me to work again and be around people again without sitting around hunched over in a chair with drool running out of my mouth, or sleeping 14 hours a day. My doctor had the nerve to lecture me about the “dangers” of kratom and i even consult to ketaminescottsdale, so I handed him the inserts of all the side effects of the medications he was prescribing me.

I am surprised actually that CBD has not worked for you. I have used marijuana since the time I was diagnosed with anxiety; never used anything else and I have been pretty much satisfied with the way I sort of gain this control over my emotions. I think a lot depends on the type of strain that you are using; not all strains can work for anxiety. I have been using some of these strains for my anxiety; do give these a try and tell me if it works for you.

I don’t deal with anxiety per se, but work to keep my body calm and LOOSE with Inositol. I’ve been taking it for years.

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I’ve struggled with severe depression and anxiety for most of my life. I’ve been prescribed a variety of psychiatric drugs. I completely understand that you feel they’re not working for you, or not working very well, or even possibly making things worse.

I haven’t used any psych meds for about 10 years now. I still struggle with mental health issues, but I have learned some coping skills that help manage my issues somewhat better.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has shown to be effective for many people. It was developed by Marsha Linehan and is closely based on many Buddhism concepts.

Some other good suggestions in this thread… meditation can be helpful, but can also bring up more self-awareness than one would like. :wink: Often I feel I’m more aware of what’s causing my moods, or reasons why I have had problems with relationships for much of my life; problem is, I haven’t come up with great solutions yet. :wink:

As for meds, I think there are more risks associated with them than what the public has been told, that their efficacy is hyped up far more than their actual effectiveness.

(on a personal note, my dad died of suicide a week and half after being prescribed a benzo. I don’t have any proof of course that the med had any influence, but looking at the side effects it seems definitely within the realm of possibility.)

There’s a documentary that was released recently called “Medicating Normal” It features stories from 5 people who claim to have had severe adverse events to psych meds and the film promotes the idea that patients should receive more information before consenting to being prescribed medication. There are some links on the film website to many resources which support the idea that the public has not received very complete information about risk/efficacy benefits. Some other people interviewed in the film are doctors, and a prolific journalist on the subject, Robert Whitaker.

One great book I read on the subject in 2008 is called “Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial”. Written by Alison Bass, a former reporter with the Boston Globe (The links on the film website I mentioned above has resources by mostly physicians).

From what I can tell from my own experience and from reading anecdotal stories, patients are told to ignore any instincts if they have negative feelings about their treatment, their doctor, or their meds. But I feel that sometimes people are on the right track and should definitely be skeptical. Of course that’s true with most subjects or things we hear in the news or products advertised, so I’m sure that doesn’t come as any surprise. :wink:

This is a pretty diverse resource list of general mental health resources; some online and some not. I hope you can find something to help you cope better and restore some hope.

Getting things figured out ok? Maybe I can help?

I could only agree with you to a limited extent. People are getting misinformed by the media and by psychiatrists. If people are looking for advice on the Internet, it may mean that they’ve been in the system (I’m one person who falls into that category) and that led to valid reasons to mistrust what they’re being told by advertisements, network news (who are getting paid to air the ads) and their doctors.

Debunking the Two Chemical Imbalance Myths, Again

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World needs “revolution” in mental health care – UN rights expert

I really liked the “two myths” approach to the problem. So many debates today are on the fringes, the places where the facts are fluid, and people take advantage of the lack of certainty, or sometimes just misrepresent the commonly held beliefs as if they are the best science.

I’m not sure which thing you meant to link to in “Mad in America”, it was a big list of blogs.