Safety and Comfort in Numbers II

Safety and Comfort in Numbers II
Yahweh vs. My way
by Derek Cantrell
Science finds truth in various methods, including, but not exclusive to, field trials. Mathematics is a system that has been proven since the beginning of time. If there is something that controls all of the universe, it is math. The laws of math not only explain various complex entities, but it also governs the progressions and limitations of such entities. If one can fathom an omnipresent force that is the alpha and the omega, it is indeed mathematics.
Field trials have been conducted since the Big Bang. Two supernovas of equal size and chemical makeup, have always been greater than one supernova of equal size and chemical makeup. This mathematical law has been enforced long before any living entity was around to acknowledge or understand it. If you try and imagine anything that could exist out of mathematics…you will fail.
Psychology recognizes that we abide by a reward vs. punishment system. Math governs this concept as well. A bear stays in the vicinity of a stream, in order to catch fish, or hunt other animals that frequent the stream to drink. The bear is conditioned through reward, by having greater hunting success near the stream. This is governed by statistics. The bear’s chances of success are at a higher percentage near the stream than elsewhere.
We can recognize that without mathematics, there would be nothing. No life, no entities, no gases, no chemicals, nothing. Mathematics is a dictatorship. It does not request compliance, it does not offer a choice. No fabricated deity of the mind can compete with it. While some may argue that mathematics is a system of measurement, they must acknowledge that the laws still apply; and that any fabricated god is powerless to create one planet, one sun, one universe, without first calling upon the mathematical laws and principles of the number one.
On a very primitive level, bears comprehend math and invoke mathematical concepts, in order to live more efficiently. We as humans, have followed mathematical properties and principles to become more efficient as well. Your car, smart-phone, house design, and everything else that makes your life convenient are products of math enforced science. There is no other god that can claim such advancements.
Math has provided us with a seemingly infinite guidance system that allows us to understand everything in existence. We are students of this all powerful structure. The belief in anything that is beyond, or defies mathematics, is nothing more than incomprehensible, impossible and insane.
No god is more powerful than mathematics and this can be scientifically proven time and time again with statistics, field studies and various other methods. Humans have not begun to understand the multitude of equations, predictions, discoveries and answers that math can offer. To promote anything else to explain or claim these things is blasphemy, for all gods, deities and belief systems, will in the end, bow before math.
As a species that is constantly progressing through our greater understanding of mathematics, let us relinquish the thoughts and expectations of false gods and embrace our true ruler. Let’s rise as far as our creator will allow. We must embrace this system that we have such little understanding of and reap the benefits of its acknowledgement.
We must understand the hindrance of denying that math is the only judge and executioner. All else is a waste of precious life, resources and possibilities. Our power and progression comes only through our greater understanding of it.
Even concepts, hypotheses and imaginary entities must comply with math. I find it ironic that the people who disagree, try explaining a god who can be two places at once, or creating a rock that he cannot lift. If Yahweh can be two places at once, or even everywhere at once, is that not greater than being in one place at once, due to mathematical laws and principles? Whether or not god can create one rock that he cannot life; he cannot create one rock without acknowledging and invoking the power of the number one, and if he chooses instead to create no rock (or zero rocks,) he is still complying to the laws and principles of math. Mathematics is a net that encompasses the universe that even Yahweh cannot escape.
If you believe in monotheism, it is the belief in one god. Even if you believe that this deity was conjured from nowhere, you are still faced with the fact that he was created one time only. More than zero times, less than twice. Demand his existence all you want. Whether in the heavens or in the head, he was nevertheless created through mathematical law and his only escape will be the coming day when math disproves his existence and he becomes one more deceased belief.
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