Sacred Places and Sacred Spaces

Though it’s way past my bed time, only four hours last night, Nana’s returned home, I’ll follow in a couple weeks, so I was alone with this little half year old bundle of energy all work day long, till parents got off. Three, half hour naps all day, lordie his nap time is my nap time, usually collectively he sleeps 5,6, at least 4 hours worth, so I am exhausted, a nap earlier helped recharge my batteries but I want to capture this before the rush of days and event forces it ever distant.

I realized something very cool during the wee hours this past Saturday, while up with Li’l G for a diaper changing in the near dark, that went off very well, then a little more feeding and burping, and listening to his breathing, or feeling his grip release as he drifts of into heavenly sleep, {bless you my child :-)} , down he goes into the crib, a little more stroking his curled up little back, (sometimes need more, I mean that little outstretched arm, with hand pumping up and down, placing my finger near his hand, letting him find it and squeeze tight. Talk about heavenly validation.

To let him hold your finger, little one simply wants a little reassurance, by and by the hand releases and baby is sound asleep looking about as angelic a human can.

Each activity as intimate as a dance, in its own way like a lover dance, in that there’s a total focus on the other’s feelings and reactions, his eyes and mind take in everything, especially the person handling said child, and he pays close attention, so I allow him to guide (influence) me through my next moves. If he doesn’t want to drink, (or now giving him first solid foods), fine, we’re done, or in a little bit he changes his mind, fine, have some more.

I have no expectations beyond the most fundamental goals, and I do have all the time in the world (while here), something his parents simply don’t, if they want to keep earning money and all the rest of being young parents. Back to Li’l G since I listen to him, watch him, work with him, I even ask (not just words, sounds how I’m moving him around) if he’s ready for a diaper, or this or that, because I’m expecting him to communicate with me and he will do so because I am receptive, yet not demanding. I work with what he’s giving out.

I have been consistently amazed at how sharp and attuned little one’s are. With a baby one has a chance to appreciate the amazing wonder of our hand as it learns to master holding that bottle, or helping squeeze into his nighties he’s starting to outgrow, etc. Especially that first year when they are all taking in information and being grateful for services rendered, and the ego is a tiny kernel who’s time hasn’t arrived yet.

First the body must develop mastery, to help take care for that crazy Ego, that’s going to take over once it gets a taste of power.

Something mothers have known since for ever, of course men have a way of dismissing what their wives tell them. It’s an idiotic Abrahamic custom permeating all three of his religions. Disgusting actually!, oh but I digress

This thread started about my latest little beautiful cosmic giggle, some would call it an epiphany.

Though I think “sacred” is way over used, I do believe in the experience of Sacred Spaces where we enter a different sense of reality, a timeless aspect we never experience in our busy lives, perceiving the moment as part of an eternal echo, or cord, that runs back through eons of Earth’s Evolution, and that I’ve been blessed to be part of. Getting out into Canyon Lands puts me into places where a sort of timeless deeply peaceful place of awe takes over, and now I was feeling something that wasn’t all that different.

Some describe it like entering a great cathedral or such, but it’s very different, that worshiping human achievement, “God” was simply the excuse. Canyon Lands and its rivers, puts one in touch with geologic deep time and now being part of an ongoing process that glorifies Earth.

From Sacred Places, I was back in this bedroom conversing with this baby boy who was becoming friends with me and realizing this was another Sacred Space and a most sacred activity, and that I’ve always know that, without knowing it.

Interacting with the little one in so many ways, through, … well, through living a day. Observing touching and tasting and learning about the world you were born into, while taking care of the bodily things that come with living.

From the dance of the feeding and settling into bed, to the wonder of having a monitor so you can observe, know the little one’s mood, I like getting there fast because with a little gentle backstroking and reassurance, down he goes. Especially while bouncing back from the chest cold, having his occasional body shaking little fits of coughing. Where it’s nice to be up there fast make sure, phlegm got cleared and all, and breathing okay and back to sleep fast as possible, moments matter during those periods
He needs the sleep and save the waking for his appropriate times for milk and diaper.

Over the years my sisters, now wife, her son and wife have nicknamed me, the baby whisper. And yes it makes me smile, and putting it that way makes me want to understand it better and write about this experience of an infant human, a premature creature, finishing its gestation dependent on others, while learning the expectation of that particular reality in that particular place.

Watching a bundle of squirming miracles past through and beyond its first “sacred” 100 days, then as the body gains mastery, and the ego sprouts, the human minds becomes increasingly dominate, until we have an person that can survive in the environment it was born into.

I realize I have the personality that does totally tune into the little one, and love the connection, not that it’s all truffles and champaign. Today was a tough one, teething figities, bundle of energy up all day, and I should be sleeping right now, but I wanted to catch some of the moment.

Fortunately, nannies is getting over her mild COVID illness, also apparently she was past the contagious phase before coming over here, Mom, Nana and Li’l G tested negative, and I wound up canceling mine, since I only interacted with a few moments here and there, while other three were in close extended contact, and frankly don’t have the time. Not sure when she’s coming back, I’m tired but in no rush, even if we had other chores lined up for me.

A little something to go out on.

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citizenschallengev4, you amaze me once more, i mean that as a compliment

Yes there are sacred spaces and times, every one gets his own.

And yes, babies can communicate. In fact it has been proved they perceive while still in the womb of their mothers.

I have a daughter and she was able to communicate even not yet 9 weeks old.

One evening, she did not want to sleep and was shouting every time we set her in her crib, i took her in my arms and told her that we love her, but that as she was clean, not hungry and not thirsty it was time to sleep as we were tired. Her mother did the same thing and we put her to sleep.

As she was not breastfed every other night, i was the one feeding her. One night, her mother told me that i was taking much more time than her. I concluded from that that she was playing with me.

Next night, i took the job and was much more fast than usual. 3 nights later she gave us our first full night sleep.

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I hear you. With Li’l B the parents started a sleep program, that I had my doubts about, but it’s their rules, so I did my best. Such as not picking him up automatically when he cried, sooth best I could for five minutes and leave, let him cry if need be, wait ten minutes, repeat, not til third time would I pick him up and start with the coddling. He fell in line amazingly fast. His little brother G is doing the same. Of course, no day is like the previous one and routines are made to be broken, but there are reasons for that, then it’s back to the routine.

The sweetest thing is seeing Li’l B wake up in the middle of the night, with his glowing open eyes picked up on the monitor, as he entertains himself before going back to sleep. In the morning he hangs with himself, I hear sometimes over an hour before calling out for someone to get him. I think that is so beautiful and really speaks to the security and trust he has in his parents and on occasion his Nana and Napa and which is now developing in his younger bro.

This morning, after a good night rest and my own batteries recharged, the day seems back in sync, with him just passing the one hour mark and still peacefully sleeping, giving me a chance get some breakfast in me, a bit of clean up and checking in on my pals at CFI.

This morning I gave him his first lessons in getting off the couch safely. Yes, perhaps premature, but the way this guy’s legs and arms are developing in strength and coordination, definitely not too soon.

His nanny will be back next Monday, so I’ll savor the next couple days.

The week that was, nanny comes back Monday, so I’ll spend a few days being a handyman checking off a punch list. Still, when Li’l G sees me, we’ll connect in a way which could not have been without being part of each other’s lives for those many hours. Going forward his mind will build upon some of those connections that sprouted during our interactions, in a few days I’ll get another few shifts before heading home with a bouquet of memories and these days pictures.

Thinking about baby brains and how they need to keep up with the body’s rapid growth, that explosion of neural expansion and connections, the early paths becoming well worn roads, becoming highways & super-highways over which our body’s neural networks run, and that is reflected in our character and behaviors for the rest of each individuals life. How we treat our babies, and the things it learns from us, is part of the framework upon which their thoughts are built

Those first years are all about helping a human-being grow, and develop to the best of its particular potentials, by nurturing physically; sanitation, nourishment, shelter; and human-connection; emotionally, intellectually and with love; every kid needs to feel loved, if it’s to flourish.

… In any event, Wednesday, Li’l G was so active on the couch, I gave him his first lesson in safely getting off of it. Namely, first scooting his legs and butt around, then slowly inching backwards and letting gravity do the rest; it’s cool, I got your back, come on, it’s fun, a beat or two of hesitation and his body took over then back he squirms, and down he came, landing on his feet, nose and face against the couch cushion, his little hands clinching his blanket that slide down with him - while I had his back.

The drama of inches, and he smiled, and we did it again then went on with our day, though we did it a couple times yesterday and today, no point in overdoing it. Six months old and he gets it and he’s working his body constantly, as if knowing how limited he is now.

There was one time, when with a little lifting up on his chest, his legs and arms literally pulled himself across the blanket. It was awesome and we did a few more times because he was loving it.

We haven’t done it again, though once on the couch I tried for a moment, but he was on a different trajectory, so it went nowhere. The crawling comes soon enough of its own accord, so I don’t sweat it.

That’s the thing with windows of opportunity, they aren’t ours to manage, they open, then close, ready or not. That night was a very particular special moment, recovering from a chest cold, waking up finally feeling well and bursting with energy. It didn’t matter that it was past three am, he had that energy to burn off and seemed to appreciate we weren’t leaving his room, so I played with him and one thing led to another. The evening had an amazing trajectory about it, but enough already. Have a good night.

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I’m taking care of a 10 mon old and 5 yr old, with help. Waited until the last minute to find socks. We found some more in the mini van. I think I’ve matched 4 pairs so far.

Amature! lol :laughing: …(20 characters)

guilty as charged. in training

And matching four pair is nothing to sniff at!

I’m giving him a hard time, teasing him.

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My own sacred place is my office !

I would not dare to post a photo. One every two years when i cannot find anything, i put everything on the floor and classify, throwing trash and so, it stays ordered for some weeks.

Other that that, my sacred place is quiet, sunny, sandy sea beach. “Everything is luxury, quietness and voluptuousness.” ( Baudelaire)

I know. I was enjoying the tableau and trying to think of something cute to add. Plus I was reminiscing on my own few hours worth of sorting through the cleaned and dried baby cloth. They have a large washing machine, and two kids create tons of oh so cute little outfits. And those socks, or lordie that pile of socks, take me over an hour sort those piles, then the little comes along tears apart those nice neat piles, with absolute glee. :rofl:

As for that picture love those cute little hands, looks like they are already puzzling over socks

I don’t actually enjoy ironing, but I enjoyed ironing my babies’ clothes. Go figure. lol Yes, I did literally iron their clothes. While they napped of course, if I wasn’t too tired and need a nap. :laughing:

See, just gives you an excuse to keep admiring those oh so cute itty bitty outfits.

Always, that. :melting_face: