Republicans have become neo-Nazis

Watching a series on Netflix about WW2. It’s really amazing that the Repubs have become the Nazi party, in almost every regard. So why are so many hesitant to call them out on it? I’d like to see a side by side comparison of beliefs, statements, etc. between the Repubs and the Nazis. I will say the Repubs are very good at deflecting the comparison by calling everyone ELSE Nazis who so clearly are not. I don’t know if it’s willful deflecting or just sheer stupidity, as in they don’t even realize what neo-Nazis they have become. I think the hard part for the rest of us is that secretly I’ll bet they welcome the comparison, and Drumpf would love being called Fuhrer.

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Did the doco go through over the part about wall st financing of the nazis?

As much as I don’t like the Repug Party and have always voted Dem, unashamedly, not all Repugs are Nazis. Maybe some are, but not all. I wasn’t a fan of McCain, but I softened towards when he assured that old woman that President Obama was not a Muslim and is actually a decent man. I, of course, did not vote for McCain, but I didn’t have as much venom towards him.

Not all republicans are nazi’s their good people everywhere so don’t typecast everyone.

Oh definitely there are plenty of good Repubs, and McCain was one of them. I’m talking about the public ones we see every day in the news.

I should have said the Republican Party has become… . “Good ol” republicans had some good ideas like being on the lookout for government overreach, something liberals can agree with. Keeping the gov out of our private lives - again, something cons and libs agree with. But once they started they completely aligned with the religious right, forget it. They went straight down the path. Chris Hedges American Fascists details it out. I think he said, Fascism will come to America with a flag in one hand and a bible in the other. What we really need is for normal Christians, the ones that actually realize what a lib Jesus was, we need them to stand up to the hard right.

Ah I think I’ve seen that image before. Exactly!

Macain’s bomb bomb iran was a huge hit

No but it did cover how anti-semitic the US was at the time. A ship carrying Jewish refugees was turned back at some american harbor.

Maybe for you, but not for us anti-war people.

You soften toward him. Doesnt sound very anti war

Because most people don’t think in absolute terms like you do DJ. You pick one sentence or event in history and judge an entire country or faction throughout history. At any moment, you might choose a different tidbit and change your stance. It makes it impossible to know what you really think. It’s not dialog.


Just because I softened towards him doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says and does. I did agree with him on that and I was glad to see he told the woman what he did. He was being very honest at that moment.

You know me, why be coy when the words are so spot on.

On the title Repugs becoming neo nazis, the anti putin messaaging is sprinkled with a bit of Hitler - not such a bad bloke. See the Twitter below.

The mask is well and truly off as western elites reveal their true selves on a daily basis, this is just one of numerous tweets saying Adolf wasn’t such a bad geezer;

Oh, and apparently holocaust denial is now perfectly acceptable as well.

You are absolutely right. But in my book all nazis are bad people and there are no good people among nazis as Trump so emphatically declared.

Why not type cast the Republican Party?

That doesn’t mean every Republican person is out to destroy our government as constitutionally set out.

But the fact is the GOP, that is the Grand Old Party, that is the Republican Party, have turned to the dark side, or don’t you read the news. So this definition of

Is worth reflecting on.