Republican resignation

This is very well written and worth reading. Unfortunately, it’s rare. Most members of the Republican Party do become good Nazis–a perfect analogy.
Why I’m Resigning My Position As A Republican Committeeman

Kinda related question, for anyone who understands how the Congress actually functions. It’s not Robert’s Rules of Order, where committees are formed based on what the issue is, then those committees dissolve when the work is done. It’s based on the majority party. So, what would happen if there wasn’t a majority party?
Seems like the ultimate part of the rigged system. They made the rules work for two parties, so if either one even starts to fraction, it will lose all the power to the one that can hold on to 51% of the seats. Anyone seen scenarios for what might happen once we get past this election and the “old” Republican party starts forming a strategy?

Of course it’s rigged. It was created by politicians.
But we don’t hear Trump saying the Republican nomination was rigged, now, do we? But that’s all he talked about before he got it.

Yeah I know. My question is a procedural one, not some crazy conspiracy theory. It requires an understanding of the rules for who gets to select committee chairs. The system allows for a few independents, like Bernie, who caucus with one of the two parties. But it prohibits the slow growth of a third party. I’m not sure how it would handle the sudden splitting of one of the two.