Rep. Katie Porter, why should the rich pay taxes, a closer look.

I’ve been meaning to start a thread on Katie Porter because she’s awesome and deserves to have some of her remarks and actions waved around a bit. I just listen to this story, and it was really refreshing hearing a rational view taken towards taxes. Sure I don’t like paying taxes, but I also hate paying rent and the grocery bills too, but still, I pay them, without screaming like a free loading sociopath. It’s part of being a member of society.

Rep. Katie Porter, May 5, 2021, MSNBC

Rep. Katie Porter tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Biden’s plan to raise taxes on the rich and corporations is about helping families and growing the economy, not making sure “the wealthiest of the wealthy never have to share any of the wealth” and says it “should be a letdown to every voter” that Republicans want to obstruct Biden’s agenda without evaluating “the quality of the ideas.”

I think she makes some good points and wish more would start following her lead.

Oh definitely, keep an eye on her career. Not only is she smart but when someone asks what color’s the sky, she says blue!

Oh, if only the Democrats had more of her caliber.