Religions and Schools of Thought

I write to ask for permission to carry a link to ‘Centre for Enquiry’ on the dedicated Atheist, Humanist and Spirituality pages and front page of my website .
Every two weeks I choose a topic from recent news headlines and I do my best to provide a few words of guidance based on the principles of the various major world Schools of Thought and Faiths, about the news topic.
By this method of comparison I hope to spread understanding between all Schools of Thought and Beliefs and amongst the general public. I have much experience of watching arguments about religion in many pubs and workplaces and now that I am retired I am going to spread at least a basic understanding by showing how all the different Beliefs in the world deal with practical, everyday common issues that everyone reads in the daily newspaper headlines.
A link to the Centre for Enquiry might well be of interest to the readers: if I could carry a link to /I would be obliged.
( Current links are The Freethinker, British Humanism Association, Association of Humanist Students, Lawyers Secular Society, GALHA, AsktheRabbi, Jesus Jazz and Buddhism, Scripture Union, SpiritualEngland, Inter-Faith Community Sanctuary, SikhNet, WhoAreTheSikhs, Bahá’í Library Online, UK Bahá’í, Hindu Academy, Hinduism for Schools, British Tao Association, the European centre for Zoroastrian Studies, and Philonomics )
Of course if any of your members would care to comment about any matters on the website then they are very welcome. Also, I would be happy to provide a permanently free advert for any one charity of your choice – ( I’m happy to do this with or without carrying the link ! ). Thank you. Yours faithfully Frank