Project 2025 the GOP's Mein Kampfe - MAGA makes no bones about creating USA autocracy

A militant attack upon America

Sep 26, 2023

PDS DEBT is offering free debt analysis to our viewers just for completing the quick and easy debt assessment at | Project 2025 is the terrifying plan set out by conservatives to take over the government. But it’s radical, and it doesn’t align with what most Americans want. Which is why we have to make sure this plan never happens.

A liberal presents our side of the story - who are real child groomers?

Rebel HQ - Feb 26, 2024

It’s so nice to have Stewart back on Mondays! Some people have a real talent for communication. I always learn something when I watch John Oliver’s program too.

I watched Fareed Zakaria’s, Why Iran Hates America Sunday night. He clearly presented the history of Iran since the 50s. Great communicator. Everyone should see it so they can understand how badly we (US) have screwed things up in the middle east. The signal to noise ratio today is unbelievably low - largely due to Fox and social media silos. Too many Americans are hopelessly ignorant today. The sad part is that they believe that they are well informed.