pot head troll

Why is it that when Republicans and right-wingers feel confronted, lacking rational responses, they so often feel compelled to resort to the childish name calling bullshit?
Pot Head is seems to be an all time favor, as though smoking a little pot disqualifies one from having rational thoughts. Really?
What astounds me is how right wingers who so loudly and proudly willfully reject physical facts,
people who pretend they personally Know “God” and are DOING GOD’S WORK -
folks who think black and white totalitarian conceptions are God’s way, or at least the way to profits and power.
People incapable of appreciation the nuances of life and surviving and living.
Yet they believe and profess themselves to be sooo ethically or intellectually superior to folks who appreciate life and once in a while like to get high and look through the shackles of the day-by-day that we’re all so wrapped up within.
The real irony is that it’s the Republican love of Profits Über Alles that has created America’s horrendously damaging over the counter drug abuse culture.
Orwell would have been impressed.