Trump Republicans and their personal God thing. A critical look.

I think it’s weird that for a nation wide organization that has groups and meeting all over. Even here in Durango I’m told there’s a lively group. Yet, it’s quiet as a cemetery over here. Has everyone just tossed up their arms or what?
in any event, I just posted something that in it’s own way has been at least a couple decades in the making. Always trying to refine the message. A little in-put, feedback, come back, argument, challenge would be most welcome.
The post itself starts with “The Last Resort” and focuses on the challenge of getting Merrick Garland his Supreme Court nomination vote on January 3rd {For info} ...We The People can not hope for President Obama and the cowering Democratic Senators to do this on their own! We as American individuals need to make the personal effort to demand they stand united and insistent on voting Merrick Garland into the Supreme Court. This is for keeps! January 3rd is the last change to get a little check and balance back into our government > Something the absolutist, faith-based crowd are loath to do since these people have actually convinced themselves, they are on God’s holy mission. Think about that. Speaking of “God" Realize and consider that these self-certain absolutist Republican emotional children don’t appreciate the profound difference between Personal Truths and Universal Truths. They refuse to grapple with the spiritual reality that although we can know God in our hearts, we (that is petty self-serving humans) will never know more than a vague shadow play of the real God of Time and Creation, Life and Love. The Bible even warns people that God is beyond human understanding, Philippians 4:7 but the children refuse to grow up and see. 1 Corinthians 13:11 What's sad is that I know it's not hard for an honest spiritual seeker to grasp that God is beyond petty self-serving human’s ability to comprehend, we can only know shadow plays and through those shadow plays better understand ourselves and our lives. When I was young I can remember that in America a person’s Faith was reflected in how they lived their life and how they interacted with others and their communities. Heck it was my Southern Baptist grandma and her old Encyclopedia Britannica who taught me about dinosaurs, mastodons, evolution and helped spark my life long desire to learn about all aspects of Earth's life story, then she'd say prayers with me at night. She lived her faith in God, she didn't have to beat other people over the head with it! Then came the 70s Jesus Freaks with their egomania and absolutism pretending that they had actually tapped into the real “God." All the while perverting Jesus' Passion into something it wasn't. It’s ludicrous, but everyone let them get away with it and the brainwashing has been relentless ever since. Now this Trump comes along and played that scared, desperate-for-power tribe, like a fiddle. They are united and everyone's future will be impacted mightily. The thing that makes our future so frightening is that "Truth" and "Objective Facts" and "Constructive Learning" means nothing to these people - their mindscape sees nothing but their own self-interest, enemies and playing to win. They believe that fabricating fiction to replace objective facts is their Free Speech Right - in other words, to them fraud in the name of their personal God is okay. ... and the rest of us go along with their fantasy. Why? Mind you, no enlightened self-interest is to be found in this crowd. They can't fathom our planet Earth and it's inhabitants as anything other than a bunch of commodities to be extracted and exploited as much as possible, as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible, no exceptions. (I've often wondered where the hell was everyone running to in such a hurry.) Not to mention their difficulties with accepting the multiculturalism they forced on themselves. Plus their inability to grasp the simple facts of life and flow of years. (You know what I mean, more people, less room, accommodations must be made - Wanting to return to an imaginary yesteryear is an insane option. But that is Trump's promise and their expectation. What will they do when he can't deliver? What will they do when they learn they been played for fools? Or will Trump's relentless rallies, create something else and much uglier altogether? Who will become the scapegoat for the failure to come?). The general willful ignorance and arrogant disregard is appalling and all that stands between them and achieving their short-sighted dreams and We The People's worst nightmares - is an overwhelmingly uninformed and apathetic public. Who's going to wake them up?

come on people, am I the only one who grapples with these things :smirk: