About the right wing's hysterical fear of the left.

Gonna write a letter send it to my local DJ, oops.


June 28th I read a terrifying letter to the editor that continues haunting my thoughts. Jeff B. begins his letter on a humorous note, “We have a national outbreak of leftism sweeping our country.” Don’t I wish. Then it quickly turns ugly, claiming we “threaten to kill our democracy and way of life.”

Leftism is Jeff’s pejorative for Liberal. Funny that, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is about as Leftist as it gets! America’s founders were children of the intellectual enlightenment, they believed in evidence over personal fancy and dogma.

God was beyond their understanding and they believed in Providence. They trusted the scientific approach to better understanding, based on honestly assessing and debating the facts. All that is tremendously “Leftist” and liberal, the stuff of American patriotism!

Some will say, ah but the Founders meant “Land” - they hide that sentiment behind the idea of a general community wide “Happiness” for political expediency. Okay, there we have it. America’s divide, the self anointed Masters vs. We The People, the right vs. the left.

American society has worked so long because both sides needed the other, but even more importantly because we were living in a land of plenty. When things got really bad, we had room to let off steam and move on to find new opportunities to exploit. Although there was the Civil War trying to settle that slavery institution.

Jeff’s next paragraphs describe liberals in extremes that can only be called hysterical flailing. It left me wondering why such desperation to paint those extreme delusions and fabricate mortal enemies. We are American’s, we need each other to keep ourselves honest.

We are entering a difficult period in human existence. The right wing hates the left and what do they have to show for themselves? A President who lies incessantly, hates reading and learning, refuses to imagine he’s capable of mistakes, hates experts, and worst salving his ego and adulation from others is the most important concern within his reality.

This fabricated right-wing hatred and fear can only lead to self-destruction for USA.


Sunday, June 28, 2020,


We have a national outbreak of leftism sweeping our country and threatening to kill our democracy and way of life.

Symptoms of leftism include: hating America; feeling justified in rioting, looting, stealing and killing of innocent people in the name of social justice; expressing hate against the police who are sworn to serve and protect the innocent and defenseless; feeling the urge to tear down statues of famous historical figures such as Christopher Columbus; feeling hate for white people who you think are all racist; accusing anyone who is n doxing anyone who dares to speak out against the radical mob; and having the urge to bend the knee in front of an angry mob of looters, rioters and white haters to express your sins of being a racist even if you are not.

If you have any or perhaps all of these symptoms, then you have caught the disease of leftism.

The only known cure is to tune out CNN and all other forms of leftist propaganda media and start to think for yourself.

from the cutting room floor,

Then he went after Black lives and White lives and generations worth of entitled superiority being threatened, so scared he’s reduced to such hysteria.

Without a hint of irony he finishes, “The only known cure is to tune out CNN and all other forms of leftist propaganda media and start to think for yourself.” CNN, always with the CNN. What up?

So I did a bit of web surfing and discovered CNN and trump have had a blood feud going, like since forever. Do some googling.

Okay, what about the FOX the propaganda juggernaut, where executives dictate what the news will be.

No news agency has ever crossed the line of playing power-politics the way FOX has, just saying.

next . . .

The right wing asshats love to make up “disorders” like TDS to apply to their political enemies. So “leftism” is another addition to their narrative of lies and propaganda.

It’s amusing because there is almost no “left” in US politics, its barely present other than people like Sanders.

The illusion here of “left” and “right” is just that an illusion, democrat and republican parties have far more in common than not.



Well in pre-Gingrich and pre-trump days perhaps. The current slide into out and out Totalitarianism is something new for the Republican Party.

The illusion here of “left” and “right” is just that an illusion, democrat and republican parties have far more in common than not.
A beagle has a lot in common with a rabid rotweiler. However there are some salient differences. You would probably be ok with the beagle as a playmate for your 4 year old child. You would not want the rabid rotweiler in that role.

But if they ARE TRULY all the same to you, maybe you don’t care which is left alone with your 4 year old, the beagle, named Alexandria, or Donald the rabid rotweiler.

You would not want the rabid rotweiler in that role.
Sounds like you are into systemic racism, the kind you rail about whenever cops pull over a rabid rotweiler and kneel on its neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Welcome to the force.

You are truly out of touch with humanity, when you suggest that George Floyd was a rabid Rottweiler that needed to be put down.

You need to get a grip on saying things like that.

I don’t mind a little trolling, but some blatant inhumane racist stupid statements are just not acceptable.