Port of Perunefer (coffee required)

Port of Perunefer
I got some good news today concerning the search for Perunefer.
Point Being-
That if the Port of Perunefer is found at Avaris then the foundation of the OT exodus out of Egypt will be looked at with entirely different thoughts and conclusions and the whole foundation of the OT creation will have to be revalued. History is showing that foreigners not only controlled but occupied in large numbers parts of Egypt for long periods of time.
The port of Perunefer
Reason would tell us that if Avaris was a key city of trade, it would have a big “port".
If it did have a big port then the whole picture of history will need to be changed.
Just as reason suggested that Memphis might be a city of foreigners because it was left destroyed like the city of Avaris. And countries just don’t destroy their cities for the fun of it. It has now turned out that Memphis had a large Levant population.
For years there was a debate on whether Avaris existed or was made up.

  1. If Avaris did exist was it this super fort that history claims?
  2. Was the city and fort inhabited by non-Egyptians?
  3. Was there a canal from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea?
  4. Was this a major trading port?
  5. If it was a port, where is the port?
  6. Did the non-Egyptians of Avaris become Pharaohs of Egypt?
  7. YES, Avaris was found a few years back, and YES it was a super fort.
  8. YES it was inhabited by non-Egyptians.
  9. YES, they think they have proof that there were not only canals to the Mediterranean Ocean but also to the Nile Delta.
  10. Needs to be confirmed.
  11. To be answered.
  12. YES, records show that non-Egyptians became Pharaohs.
    The Port of Perunefer is thought to be located at Memphis. Now they are revaluating what proof they have and will look for the port to be located near Avaris.
    Note; internet searches will get a lot of contradicting information at this time.
    Just to update you on my involvement. Not a scientist or a professor, just an ordinary guy. I take the pieces of the puzzle of our past from research paper and white papers and any other sources I can find and throw all the pieces on the table and try and guess the picture in the puzzle by adding reason and common sense. What happens is that you begin to understand the ancestors on a more day to day way of life viewpoint, or the human side of their way of life and culture.