Pixel xl2 battery drain with screen on

Recently, if my screen is on, my battery drains like crazy. If I use the phone for 5 minutes, I’m done 5-10% battery. I never had this issue before. When the screen is off, it’s fine. My brightness is super low. Any suggestions?

How long have you had that battery?

Not a techie. Only thing I can think of is a dying battery.

For more detailed information/advice I suggest trying Whirlpool Forums; https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/

This is an Australian tech forum . You don’t need to join to access their knowledge base. There is a lot of useful stuff. There are also some real dicks, which you find on most forums.

I’ll also check with a techie friend.

I had a similar experience with my iPad. It would show that the battery was charged 100% and as soon as I started to use it, I got a message that the battery was 0% charged and it would turn off. I took it to an Apple store and they said the battery was failing. My guarantee period had lapsed, so they offered me a new iPad for $99, which I accepted. Apple and the computer repair places I called said they do not repair or replace batteries on any kind of tablets or phones. It sounds as if your Pixel has a failing battery. Contact Google and see what they say.