pictures of Alberta Park, Wolf Creek, Rio Grande National Forest

As some of you know, I’ve been writing about trying to protect Alberta Park from a speculative luxury village (at over 10,000 elevation) for a number of years.
A couple weeks ago I got to take a walk out there and took a bunch of pictures that I’ve posted over at my blog, I figured I’d share a couple over here so you can get an idea of the area I’ve been talking about.

The dead trees are all the bark beetle killed Spruce Trees. The trees that remain green are all fur trees, which this species of beetle does not attack.

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MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015
Pictures of Alberta Park the proposed site for the luxury Village at Wolf Creek
Bark Beetle information:
FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013
A citizen’s review of the “San Juan Bark Beetles and Watersheds Workshop”
SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2013
The changing face of our forests - bark beetle and global warming

How the time flies, and the wheels of justice do grind ever so slowly. But it’s wonderful to see they do continue to grind.
After a half year of tough and heart breaking losses - I have the wonderful joy of taking part in a grand victory of some little substance.
The very flawed land swap deal between the wannabe high-altitude developer Red McCombs and the Rio Grande National Forest
has been legally exposed and nullified.
Now it remains to be seen what Mr. Red McComb and Co will do next,
but this is one hell of a defeat and set-back for their plans to destroy that Alberta Park watershed.
As in head waters of the Rio Grande River.
Read all about it.
I’ve posted the Rocky Mountain Wild Press Release
and the full text of the Senior Federal Judge Matsch (yeah that Judge Matsch) 40 page decision.

UPDATE - VWC-RGNF deal tossed out! Judge Rejects Flawed Process - RockyMtnWild Press Release no-villageatwolfcreek{dot}blogspot{dot}com /2017/05/vwc-rgnf-deal-tossed-out{dot}html Judge Has Ruled - Red McCombs and LMJV land swap nullified. Text of Ruling. no-villageatwolfcreek{dot}blogspot{dot}com/2017/05/red-mccombs-lmjv-land-swap-nullified{dot}html
replace {dot} with . and presto.
As in head waters of the Rio Grande River.
Mind you there are many pockets in the upper reaches of those mountains that can claim to 'head waters' or 'source waters' status. Still every one is becoming more precious and worth protecting with every passing years.