Pentagon Releases Leaked UFO Videos - Finally the Truth!

The Pentagon has declassified three videos which appear to show unidentified objects flying through the night sky.

But why release them now - and what else might they have?

fuzz balls

Their technology must be incredible to make themselves out of focus all the time. Like Bigfoot! Which makes you wonder, are they here studying Bigfoot? And is that where they got this technology? Because if you think about it, much of our technology comes from nature. So maybe the very reason they are here is to study Bigfoot’s natural ability to always be out of focus, which they have incorporated into their technology to make skeptics doubt their existence so that REAL researchers on Internet forums aren’t taken seriously, preventing a bunch of mentally unstable and completely uneducated UFO “experts” from getting the funding they need for travel to study crop circles.

In all seriousness though, if the Pentagon thought these actually were something, you’d never see them. It is notoriously difficult to judge size, distance and speed in the air, leading to a great many UFO sightings touted as “impossible” or “amazing” which were later identified and found to be “absolutely ordinary”.

Let’s keep in mind it’s t rumps pentagon these days, so who knows what kind of wackos are behind it.

The Lord made 'em do it.

Oh, and Shaw, what “truth” was revealed in that video???

Since Shaw hasn’t provided any response, I’ll let Anton Petrov have his two cents worth.