Paul Ryan is an LPOS

LPOS = lying piece of sh!t
This is what happens when Eddie Munster grows up to be Speaker of the House.
In regards to proposed legislation that is designed to prevent any admission of Syrian refugees into the US, he claims the bill is designed be compassionate while also insuring that no Syrian refugee immigrant will pose a threat. The lie is in the implication that any human being can be proven to pose absolutely no threat to anyone during the course of their lives while living in a free society.
The truth is that with the current vetting system for Syrian refugees it is Extraordinarily unlikely that any of the proposed 10,000 would be a risk of any significance to the US during the course of their lives.
OTOH, Paul Ryan, himself, in supporting the radical extremist ideologies of his Party, is extraordinarily likely to be a significant risk to the US.
Considering this, if he were truly compassionate in his concern for the safety of Americans, he should banish himself to Syria.