Pastoral medicine--a new one for chiropractors

This should make chiropractors win respect from the medical community, and from rational patients:
“Pastoral medicine" designation spreading
Hundreds of practitioners—most of them chiropractors—have begun using the credentials “PSc.D.,” “D.PSc.” and/or “Doctor of Pastoral Medicine” to promote their practice. These titles are being issued by the Texas-based Pastoral Medical Association (PMA), which “licenses” provider members and registers prospective patients who wish to receive care as “private members.” Its provider members typically offer services for a broad range of conditions that are outside the legal scope of chiropractors, but the PMA asserts:
“Regulation of the Almighty’s health care concepts is outside the jurisdiction of . . . secular regulatory boards.”
“When PMA license rules are followed, including separation of PMA services from any state licensed services, PMA license has no effect on any state license and state license has no effect on PMA license.”
Under PMA’s membership agreement, all patient services are provided as a “private contract” between the practitioner and the patient.
It would be a breach of the membership agreement to complain to a State Medical Board, the FDA, Medicare, Medicaid or insurance companies without permission of the provider and the PMA.
“Violation of this contractual membership agreement by a member will result in a no contest legal proceeding against them.”
Most chiropractic boards have ignored this problem, and the legality of the “licensing” arrangement has not been tested in the courts. The PMA Web site does not reveal the cost or requirements for its licensure.

Private organizations do not have the authority to “license” anyone. Only state agencies have the legal authority license professionals. Its unlikely they will be successful in challenging this.

Private organizations do not have the authority to "license" anyone. Only state agencies have the legal authority license professionals. Its unlikely they will be successful in challenging this.
They'll try it though, and a lot of people won't question it. If they wanted to be sure they would never be seen as a valid part of medical care, they couldn't find a better way than this. I think they have a death wish.

Oh boy do people get full of themselves - Thine Ego Cup Runneth Over
From their website …

The Ecclesiastical Court of Justice. Because ecclesiastical associations are constitutionally autonomous from secular government and are responsible for self regulation, such associations must have an internal mechanism for resolving issues. The PMA ecclesiastical court was developed in 2009 to meet this responsibility, to maintain the peace, dignity and safety of the association and those within. The ecclesiastical court and our legal advocacy team is directed by PMA general counsel, Angeli Benjamin, Esq. The court has multiple responsibilities including resolving member complaints and disputes as well as grievances a member may have concerning assistance they received from our licensed providers. Additionally, the court legal department provides legal advocacy to members whose constitutional, civil, political or other legal rights are impinged by individuals or agencies outside the PMA. The PMA legal team is assisted by the outside legal professionals at the National Center for Life and Liberty, led by attorney, David Gibbs. The ecclesiastical court holds exclusive jurisdiction over matters within the association. The only instance whereby secular courts are involved in this jurisdictions ecclesiastical proceedings is when the ecclesiastical court seeks assistance in executing a judgment that necessitates enforcement in secular jurisdiction. The PMA has a distinctly Christian base and the ecclesiastical court is a Christian court, however, the PMA also believes that it is not our right to decide who God calls to help others, therefore PMA license is open to all faiths and beliefs, and in the event issues come before the court involving individuals of other faiths, where possible a respected member of that faith shall be appointed in an advisory capacity to the court to assure fair and impartial due process for all.
"Our real purpose is to help people get back to health the way God intended"
We are one big family working together to put the Almighty's messages for good health first!
The idea that was destined to become the Pastoral Medical Association was formed in the 90's and launched in the early 2000's. Our founding fathers were a group of doctors that wanted to see the Almighty's natural medicine restored to a credible and respected system for the improvement and maintenance of health and for the remediation of routine and chronic illness. More information about our mission is available in our Constitution.
Health the way God intended it. How cin ya argu wit dat.