Open Minded Moderators

Should CFI filter their monitors for volunteers with open minds? I have been attacked and punished with a first notice to ban me for saying their words don’t matter when they post nonsense.

Could you be more specific? We discuss all of our moderation actions and I don’t remember anything about you.

Lauston, it was Miranda that issued the warning and showed me a full screen red card.

The June 21st moderation was about the language you used, not a disagreement on substance.

  1. It’s Mriana. I am not reading you any Miranda rights.

  2. the post warning you was blue and not a full screen red card.

  3. That was clear back in June so why are you bringing it up now?

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Pointpath, I’m not trying to be a wiseass, I’m am trying to say please do try to give us the benefit of doubt here. We’re engaging with you because you’re interesting and we’re curious (okay I should just speak for myself), now it’s up to you to make it worth everyone’s time.

Peace :sunflower:

I am bringing it up now because lauston insinuated a was lying. Which of course I was not. I am still offended by your motherly intrusion.

I said “misinterpreting”. I didn’t say “lying”. When you reflect my words, in a way that’s different from what I meant, i try to straighten that out. I need to do that with you frequently. That’s it.

As one of the moderators, I am doing my job by responding, not attempting to be a mother to anyone. It’s part of my job to respond when mods are addressed, especially when there has been no warning for a couple months and I was the mod who gave the warning. Lausten has the right to respond too. So it would be appreciated if you would stop disrespecting everyone.

I heard your words and you know the insinuation was that if Mriana didn’t tell you then I am in error.

Come on folks, I certainly don’t mind moderators putting their 2 cents worth in. I am complaining about being admonished by a moderator that was blathering and I told her what she was blathering about didn’t matter. So boom she attacks me talking about banning me? I didn’t take it lightly is all.

Both of you please, I will be more tollerant of your comments in topics withideological fault lines.

Let’s just stop this, I have never desired to be disrespectful to anyone. Everyone deserves respect, those that demand respect because of the authority of their position is old time thinking.

I accept your word on that, but in your apology you used the word “blathering”. I do mentoring and that would not pass. This is not a mentoring relationship, so I won’t explain that any further.

because lauston insinuated a was lying.

thank you, the use of the word blathering was in frustration. This is a well-run forum.

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Read the rules and maybe you’ll get it. It does matter, because what I warned you about two months ago was in violation of the rules and yes, I told Lausten when I warned you.

You started this when you opened the tread. Lausten responded. I was going to ignore you and I had hoped Lausten would too. I’ve only made two posts on it and this makes three. Lausten has made as many posts as you. You’re the one posting multiple posts in a row on it, so it seems to me you are the one hung up about it.

And you’ve not shown any respect, but do read the rules. I think that will clear up a lot of things.

That’s because he has no respect for a woman mod or maybe he has no respect for mods. I don’t know which, or maybe he has no respect for others, unless they think as he does. I also don’t think he’s read the rules either.

I think they should be filtered by there critical thinking skills in general.

You may begin by using correct English.

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What sort of test would you propose for that? Who would evaluate them? I’m not being sarcastic. I agree we mods should use critical thinking.

I know your not being sarcastic. It’s a very good question. There are written tests that are intended to measure critical thinking skills. These are used in teaching environments all the time. But I don’t think that the answer is have critical thinking police patrolling the forum. This should be a place where people can learn these skills as they have fun. I think a culture of promoting these skills along with educational resources would be more appropriate. Critical thinking skills form the tool kit for rational thought. Promoting rational thought is the goal of CFI. Perhaps CFI can provide some of these resources.

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Again, this is an example of an ad-homonym fallacy. My grammar has nothing to do with my reasoning.

I do apologies to the members of the forum though. I have sever dyslexia.