'One America News Network' of Propagandists and Conspiracy Fabricators

An inside look at the right wing brainwashing outlet called, “One America News Network.” Might as well start with the basics.

Meet the Propagandists and Conspiracy Theorists Behind the One America News Network The president has taken a shine to the far-right channel’s fictional pro-Trump reports.



Over the last several weeks, President Trump has repeatedly promoted the conspiracy-mongering One American News Network on his Twitter feed and by regularly calling on its correspondent at White House news events. On Tuesday morning, he did so again by tweeting an unsubstantiated conspiracy …

Based on what little data is available, the channel could use all the White House support it can get. According to CNN, OAN doesn’t subscribe to industry-standard Nielsen Media Research, but last spring, it went ahead and measured the channel anyway in the country’s largest metropolitan areas. It averaged just 14,000 viewers from April 1, 2019, to June 11, 2019. In that time, Fox News averaged 631,000 viewers; CNN and MSNBC also had averages in the hundreds of thousands. While the network’s owner has said it is available in 35 million American homes, that number represents less than a third of households with television.


Despite its small viewership, Trump has helped OAN gain outsize reach and reputation by endorsing its outrageous reporting and by his multiple assertions that he might prefer the network to Fox News. The channel’s willingness to do stories without a factual basis seems to know no bounds, as long as they make the left look bad and the right, particularly Trumpism, look great. …


Kristian Rouz - (master of fabricating conspiracy theories about Clinton, antifa, Soros) . .

Kristian Rouz didn’t just come out of nowhere with viral megahits. He’s been practicing in a well known conspiratorial training ground: Russian propaganda state media. As of 2019, The Daily Beast pointed out that Rouz has been working simultaneously for both OAN and for the Russian state media outlet, Sputnik.


Jack Posobiec - Posobiec may be the channel’s flagship disinformer.

… None of (that) rose to Pizzagate levels of fame, but not for lack effort on Jack Posobiec’s part. He has also tweeted in support of a white nationalist conspiracy which holds that immigration and other trends are part of a secret plot to commit white genocide.

The OAN host is notorious for being one of the most prominent pushers of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory; he once conducted


Chanel Rion - the channel’s White House reporter.

Another unhinged conspiracy theorist, she has peddled theories including Pizzagate, that the Clinton’s were responsible for Seth Rich’s murder, anti-semitic tropes about liberal financier George Soros, and conspiracies about Joe Biden’s dealings in Ukraine.

During the coronavirus, CNN reports that Rion jeopardized the health of other journalists …

Rion’s bio boasts that before she came to OAN, she worked as a volunteer on Trump’s 2016 campaign and spent time “producing illustrations for President Trump and family.”


Robert Herring Sr. - founded OAN in 2013 with money he made in the circuit board industry.

On Twitter, Robert Herring Sr. boosts his own suspect theories (Herring’s been really into hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure, which doctors are not yet confident in).

According to the Washington Post, Herring banned polls that didn’t show Trump in first place during his last election.


Pearson Sharp - in propaganda parlance, Sharp is a “useful idiot,” which counts for something.

In a May 2019 OAN story, Sharp cited a report from the Foundation for the Study of Democracy … What Sharp was either ignorant of or did not share, is that the Foundation for the Study of Democracy is a Russian government front.


Emerald Robinson - no longer works at OAN.

Emerald Robinson is now at Newsmax, but in her time at the San Diego-based television outlet, she became one of the channel’s few anchors to be praised by the white nationalist website, VDare.






One for the road.

Now OANN is involved in Arizona's Senate election audit? Can this thing get any more absurd?

Opinion: The Arizona Senate’s auditors have selected their broadcast partner for the election audit, a right-wing cable TV network renowned for spreading conspiracy theories. Why am I not surprised?

Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic - April 21, 2021

OANN gets exclusive livestream access?

OANN is the network that in February aired “The Arizona Election Heist,” an “investigative” piece so chock full of invented facts and imagined conspiracies about how Joe Biden won the election.

Among her other bombshells, OANN reporter Christina Bobb reported that 11,676 more ballots were counted than there are voters in Maricopa County.

Here in the real world, 2,089,563 ballots were cast, or just over 80% of the county’s 2,595,272 registered voters.

Bobb also is raising money to help pay for the Senate audit.


Interesting now she’s predicting there will be less ballots and that will be proof of election fraud. Of course, never mentioning the very real possibility that if any ballots do turn up missing, it’ll be more likely the result of the GOP/OANN auditor losing track of them, or “disappearing” them. Who’s to know in that fact free atmosphere?