Okay, so what if American's just elected a bona fide Russian pawn and obligate? - The Dworkin Report

"Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has said that Russia is “not our ally” and “remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals.”


Code for russia wont do what we tell them

What the USA really, really wants (the perfect scenario) would be for Russia to be extinct and partitioned (balkanized). That’s what’s probably written or at least heavily implied in the still classified Wolfowitz Doctrine (1992).

The idea of partitioning Russia (Russia proper, not the borderland conquests acquired over the centuries since Ivan the Terrible) is an old one, and the first attempt to do that was made the Third Reich (Generalplan Ost). Generalplan Ost intended to partition Russia up to the Urals (i.e. European Russia) into at least three different provinces (Siberian, Moscow and Caucasus/Southern), each one to be ruled by a military governor (Reichskommissar), with absolute power. Adolf Hitler had as his model State the ancient city (polis) of Sparta, so these provinces would be essentially rural, maintained with Slavic slave labor in the fields, probably a la the old American South (Confederate States of America, CSA), with large metropoleis in the middle. The goal of these provinces would be to give an eternal surplus of food and other commodities to the center of the Reich, so that the Aryan Race (the Germans and the Scandinavians) could live happily ever after (The Thousand Year Reich).

The Americans, albeit not fans of the “agriculturalization” model (their liberal ideology preached for the development of the world market and, therefore, of the development of the correspondent institutions - hence the decision to rebuild Japan and Germany post-WWII), certainly inherited the Third Reich’s obsession with the balkanization of Russia. On such a plan (for the entire Russia proper, not just the European part of it) leaked from a think tank presentation some years ago, and it envisaged I think at least six or seven different countries (including the restoration of the old Duchy of Moscow, probably to be an Orthodox fundamentalist shithole a la those random Middle East nations).

Years passed and, by now, the USA has probably realized the partition of Russia won’t happen anytime soon, so they are going for the next best thing: separate it from China. It is only in this context that we can speculate the USA wanting to normalize relations with Russia. Even then it would be a mistake to think the USA wants ever to become allies with Russia, as the condition of the American Empire as the sole empire in the world rests on the assumption an Eurasian Empire or its political-economic equivalent will never rise.

Code for russia wont do what we tell them -- JohnC
You're one of them Russian Trolls, aren't you?
What the USA really, really wants (the perfect scenario) would be for Russia to be extinct and partitioned (balkanized).
Lordie, lordie talk about erecting straw men.

The problem isn’t Russia. The problem is current Russian leaders thinking they can interfere in our elections. !!!

Is scott ritter right here???


The seeming mixed signals being sent by Biden in his public pronouncements – sanctioning on the one hand, while seeking a summit with Putin on the other – are less a sign of a feeble mind than the byproduct of a process of transformation as the Biden administration learns to deal with the reality of Russia as it really is, as opposed to the fiction of Russia as painted by the “Russia whisperers.”

sanctioning on the one hand, while seeking a summit with Putin on the other -- johncitizen1
literally what every President has done in a variety of conflict situations.

He’s starting to chase his tail, isn’t he?


I thought I’d check out what the president had to say about it:


FACT SHEET: Imposing Costs for Harmful Foreign Activities by the Russian Government


The Biden administration has been clear that the United States desires a relationship with Russia that is stable and predictable. We do not think that we need to continue on a negative trajectory. However, we have also been clear—publicly and privately—that we will defend our national interests and impose costs for Russian Government actions that seek to harm us.

Today the Biden administration is taking actions to impose costs on Russia for actions by its government and intelligence services against U.S. sovereignty and interests.

Executive Order Targeting the Harmful Foreign Activities of the Russian Government
Today, President Biden signed a new sanctions executive order that provides strengthened authorities to demonstrate the Administration’s resolve in responding to and deterring the full scope of Russia’s harmful foreign activities. This E.O. sends a signal that the United States will impose costs in a strategic and economically impactful manner on Russia if it continues or escalates its destabilizing international actions. This includes, in particular, efforts to undermine the conduct of free and fair democratic elections and democratic institutions in the United States and its allies and partners; engage in and facilitate malicious cyber activities against the United States and its allies and partners; foster and use transnational corruption to influence foreign governments; pursue extraterritorial activities targeting dissidents or journalists; undermine security in countries and regions important to United States national security; and violate well-established principles of international law, including respect for the territorial integrity of states.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) carried out the following actions pursuant to the new E.O.:

Treasury issued a directive that prohibits U.S. financial institutions from participation in the primary market for ruble or non-ruble denominated bonds issued after June 14, 2021 by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation, or the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; and lending ruble or non-ruble denominated funds to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation, or the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. This directive provides authority for the U.S. government to expand sovereign debt sanctions on Russia as appropriate.
Treasury designated six Russian technology companies that provide support to the Russian Intelligence Services’ cyber program, ranging from providing expertise to developing tools and infrastructure to facilitating malicious cyber activities. These companies are being designated for operating in the technology sector of the Russian Federation economy. We will continue to hold Russia accountable for its malicious cyber activities, such as the SolarWinds incident, by using all available policy and authorities.

Imposing Additional Sanctions …

Reported Afghanistan Bounties …

Expelling Diplomatic Personnel …

Further Responses to the SolarWinds Malicious Cyber Activity …

Supporting a Global Cybersecurity Approach …


Amazing news over the week-end: President Lukashenko has declared that Biden gave the order to kill him in a coup organized by the CIA. Now, we all know that Lukashenko says all sorts of things, many of them false or plain silly. Except that the Russian FSB has confirmed it all! According to the Russians, a joint operation of the (Bielorussian) KGB and the Russian FSB has uncovered the plot early on and the Russians monitored the full operation until they had enough evidence to arrest all the plotters. Not only do the Russians have videos of their meetings, they also intercepted their Zoom videoconferences (Zoom users, use Jitsi instead!).

straight from Tass: https ://tass. com/world/1279447

we shall see,


TASS 18 APR, 08:07Updated at: 18 Apr, 09:08 US denies involvement in plot against Lukashenko as 'absolutely untrue' - official



It’s sounds too Hollywood, why in the world would Biden care to assassinate Lukashenko, you don’t think the President doesn’t have enough poop on his plate?

Please explain motive.



You’re one of them Russian Trolls, aren’t you?

Read all about it. Who did you say the killer was?


The Kremlin just confirmed the Putin and Biden discussed this topic during their telephone conference.

Interesting. It’s something we can track. If there is video, someone gets to see it. Not much point in having it if no one sees it.


Translation to come

Putin speech to the country

He says Russia developing high-tech nuclear & laser weapons, warning ‘provocateurs’ will regret crossing country’s red lines