Offense/Defense - Secular Organizations

It seems that most major secular organizations have a “Defensive” mission (defending the right to be atheist, and keeping religion out of schools and politics). Examples:

CFI: The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to defending science and critical thinking in examining religion. CFI’s vision is a world in which evidence, science, and compassion—rather than superstition, pseudoscience, or prejudice—guide public policy.

FFRF: The purposes of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc., as stated in its bylaws, are to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.

AA: American Atheists envisions a world in which public policy is made using the best evidence we have rather than religious dogma and where religious beliefs are no longer seen as an excuse for bigotry or cause to receive special treatment from the government. We fight for religious equality for all Americans by protecting what Thomas Jefferson called the “wall of separation” between state and church created by the First Amendment.

SSA: The Secular Student Alliance empowers secular students to proudly express their identity, build welcoming communities, promote secular values, and set a course for lifelong activism.

But these organizations will always have an uphill fight on their hands, until they represent a majority.

Is there an organization out there with an “Offensive” mission? To actually convince the masses that religion is illogical, inaccurate, and insidious?


Isn’t part of “defending” educating?
Seems to me education could be considered an offensive action.

Lordy knows trying to explain evolution to a fundamentalist Christian and they certainly feel immediately under attack. “You’re a bad person out to undermine my faith. How dare you try educating me!”

It seems that most of the “educating” these organizations do is preaching to the choir. AA tells atheists who browse the website that they are right. Have you ever listed to a FFRF podcast? Pure smug self-congratulation. What students does SSA help? Only those who stop at their desk on sign-up day.

I am not talking about Fundamentalists - they are lost causes. I am talking about the spiritual middle classes. Folks who assume that the religion they were taught as a child must be right because everybody thinks so. People who think atheists are necessarily evil and unethical. Those who never heard of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Carrier (surprise- that is most people). Real freedom seems difficult until that segment learns Secularism is both good and correct. Who is doing that work?

Not going well at all.
Rational thinking is too difficult, it requires being honest with yourself, which comes with a good deal of pain and effort.

While you mention religious folks, you overlook the vast majority of consumers, who are too wrapped up in computer games, pro-sports and celebrity worship, with dreams focused on winning some jackpot so they too can have more money then they know what to do with - to give a fart for learning about politics, or putting in the time and pain required to learn about one self.

It’s a sad thing. I been trying to connect with a few like-minded for decades.

Have any suggestions, or are you just having fun?

I think you are on the right track, but you put it in a negative light while pointing out being negative is bad. So, kind of looking for a starting point here.

How about

Gretta Vosper
Dale McGowan
Sunday Assembly

There’s more, but I’m checking if there is an opening here

No fun at all. I am looking for an Offensive organization. Like FFRF but trying to change neutral minds rather than protect minds already free. Is there one?

Thanks, his books look good. Is there an organization behind him?

He and othets started this last year

Atheist organizations are as offensive as they can be. The problem is atheists can’t force anyone to be an atheist, so they are stuck with the more tedious methods.

If we could enforce secularism, it would be a true success.

Yeah, some good ole burning at the stake would really help the movement.

Not forcing people, that is, using reason, is kind of the brand. It’s a feature.

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I like OnlySky. I heard about it here. Because I was already tuned here. Because I was already secular! That’s my point. Who is DE-evangelising out there?

Nobody’s talking about Enforcement. I’m talking about Advertisement.

Outreach: billboards on highways and sidewalks, commercials on television and websites, pamphlets in airport gates and hotel rooms. Telling average people their closeted doubts are actually popular and well-founded. Explaining why their bible (which they assume to be god-given commandments on abortion, creationism, etc.) is actually and demonstrably full of crap. So that in the 2030 Census the “Nones” get closer to 51%.

But you’re “using reason” on this little website populated only by people who already agree with you.

Who is running the Get-Out-The-Reason campaign?

That forums like this exist, and there are many, and they aren’t constantly attacked by the unreasonable, is a sign of how well the campaign is doing. You need to compare today to a hundred years ago to understand that. It was easier to identify the campaign leaders then because there were fewer of them. Now, churches still get invited to public meetings, and their opinion is still in the news, but it’s not the voice that is the strongest. Have you noticed that even churches don’t like fundamentalist churches? The campaign is now a movement, so a little group like this one is not an indicator that there are only little groups.

all of the things you listed above are happening, so what exactly are asking for? what would it look like if this “campaign” was happening?

Trust me, no one want to hear “De-evangelizing”.
Been feeling the pain decades.

That’s why these days, it’s our inner self that I think is of greater concern.

Although on the other hand it, I think it’s pretty plain to see that our society is unsustainable and headed towards an implosion.
It will all come down to how the Black Swans come home to roost.

Hopefully those who get through the first waves of horrors, will have a chance to start a fresh, in a nasty new environment, but hey, what cha gonna do.
So it’s important to keep striving to think and communicate and learn.

It would look like this:

I’d go to my mailbox and find a flyer explaining why Christianity is inaccurate.

I’d be watching Hulu and see “Jesus was Just a Man” commercials instead of “He Gets Us.”

I’d check into a motel room and there find a pamphlet with Dawkins and Carrier quotations.

I disagree. There are four kinds of people

Evangelists - they do not want to hear it. Forget them.
Free-Thinkers - they do want to hear it, and they are the only ones hearing it now, but do not need it.
Thoughtful Neutrals - many may like to hear it, and could be swayed.
Thoughtless Neutrals - many may not want to hear it, but might at least stop voting poorly.

Okay, what message would connect with them?

We can print leaflets with true facts, like:

If Jesus was conceived by a virgin Mary, he would have been a she and a clone of Mary. Without male DNA, Mary would not be able to produce a male child.

I don’t think pamphlets are going to get much response. There are things on subscription TV. The hotels, hmm, it’s not a fit. Corporations aren’t going to get behind a 10% demographic.

Exactly. Coercion is not an option for atheists. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t do it.

Do you think if america was mature enough to have an atheist as president , it would make a difference to govts of today in terms of their priorities, decision making and policies?