New Github repo: Protect Children From Violence

Hi. I started a new GitHub organization and added a repo to it:

On the repo settings, I enabled it to be a public template repo, so it can either be forked or be recreated under anyone’s account as a detached project.

If you’d like to be invited to the org, just let me know here what your GitHub username is. Joining the org has no practical purpose… unless you set your visibility to “public” to help display how many people are interested in the “project”.

If anyone is wondering, at this time I don’t actually have any code planned for the repository.

I’m not familiar with GitHub. Is that for organizing?

Not typically. Its purpose is for software development, or for users of software to help with software projects (review/edit documentation, submit feedback, feature requests, bug reports, etc). For example, the CFI forum platform is hosted there.

But sometimes people use GitHub for other things:

This is a letter template I added earlier, to help make the point of the repo clearer:

When items related to violence against children drop out of the
headlines, it appears sometimes that the events or issues are
forgotten about. To be fair, I realize that’s not the literal case,
and that people care about children, and they don’t truly forget. More
specifically, it’s not always apparent whether lawmakers, community or
organization leaders and members are attempting to sit down at a table
and talk. I’ve seen some discussions online about methods for solving
violence against children. They seem to often consist of name-calling,
sarcasm, and insults, and sometimes people don’t include links to
support their opinions. These types of discussions make it difficult
for readers to learn about differing viewpoints (for readers who don’t
already have their minds made up about certain points). The main goal
of writing this letter is not to offer my political or social
ideology, but to remind any people who have the power to discuss and
implement policies that would protect children from violence to sit
down at a table and talk. I understand that some of the opposing
viewpoints on prevention methods have a wide gap, and because of that
gap, it must often seem that compromise would be impossible. But I
hope that at least, to start with, one idea could be developed.
Something small that would help in some small way. Some small step.
Any small step would be good. And after that, one more idea; perhaps
slightly larger and a little more effective, one that might require a
small compromise. And after that, please continue. To any people who
have the power to sit at a table, compromise, and implement solutions,
please start talking if you haven’t already done so. Thank you for
your prompt and persistent attention to this matter.

I know github as a place to get Kodi apps/software. I’m not sure what this about. Kodi is an open source streaming app/program, sort of like Ubuntu, but instead of being a computer program, it’s a streaming one.