Looking for collaborators on political satire project


For several months, I have been working on a political satire poem entitled Trumpty Dumpty, based on the children’s nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. The objective is to lampoon the travesty currently residing in the White House.

While searching for a community of critical thinkers, I came across CFI. I am hoping that one or more members of this community might be interested in collaborating on this project.

I have read the rules. The only one that might apply is the one regarding spam and self promotion. I view this effort as a public service project. It will be offered free of charge to any platform that will host it. If there are any monetary proceeds, they will be donated to that platform or to a suitable non-profit. My only goal is to assist is removing this monstrosity from office.

I assume that the best place to post my project is the Politics and Social Issues section.

Please let me know if any of the above is incorrect



Sounds like fun.

Great. I just posted the details in the Politics section.