Need Suggestion For Downloading Apple Music!

Hello Friends,

I am unable to download Apple music from my PC. Can someone suggest how can I fix it? Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to CFI. Strange intro for a first time poster, but since I know the answer, I’ll tell you and let the “intro” slide. I hope to see you participate in the various conversations on the forum too.

They have a program/app, for Mac and PC, called iTunes that you need to download to your PC. Go to the Apple website and look for iTunes or do a Googly search for iTunes and it should lead you to the site and give options that fit the type of comp you have. Now let me warn you, Apple music only downloads from the comp to an mp3 player if an Apple/Mac pod/phone/pad/etc. Apple has it set up so you can’t play their music on any other device. It’s a real pain in the butt for those who use Android electronics.

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Why would you come to a sciencey forum for that question?

Thank you mriana for your help. After searching a bit, found this article and this particular post suggested some tools. I am comfortable using DRmare. Thanks a lot. :smiley: