All you need to know about 5G

Good scientific presentation. Not the hysteria presented by some, rather some areas of concern that need further investigation. Good stuff


Another good on you. When I saw that title I was thinking, oh no, now what.

But, before even opening it, I realized I was prepared for anything with an excellent video I saw a couple weeks back, by one Sabine Hossenfelder, who really knows her poop.

Can you imagine my relief when it’s that very video that you posted.


I have not looked at 5G at all and have not researched it, mostly because what I may know about it and how I may feel about it is very unlikely to have any impact on how it is installed. We will use whatever we are given and our only choice, if we are given a choice, will be to participate or not participate. But …

If the “small cells” only function at distances of 100 meters or so, can we expect those small cells to carry the bulk of the communication load? It doesn’t seem reasonable to me to expect the telecommunications companies to install small cell antennas every 100 meters or so across the world. More likely, to me, is that they will design the 5G cell phones so that they function as repeaters for traffic in the local area. If so, that means that they will want your phone to stay on 24x7. Your phone will be an integral part of the network. It also means that they must monitor the status of every phone 24x7 in order to ensure network integrity.

Privacy concerns should include what happens if you don’t keep your phone charged and turned on or if you are not able to turn it off. Remember the TVs that couldn’t be turned off in the movie “Max Headroom”? And of course there is the camera function that you may not be able to control. That would make a surveillance network much easier to install (you request and pay for a phone) and cheaper to maintain (you pay for the power get it fixed if it stops working). And of course you pay for the service of using the bigger antennas. Careful, Alexa is listening.

It seems like the logical next step for global crime prediction and prevention, since we already have people eager to put and keep current their profile with so much detail on social media. We now see many liberals calling for the “deprograming” of Trump supporters. Of course anyone who would actually consider that there might be a concerted effort (aka conspiracy theory) to surveil and control dissidents must be denounced in the strongest terms, and prevented from disseminating such hateful ideas.

Really now, we all know that it surely wouldn’t happen in the USA, would it? No, just like it is not happening in China, Russia, and North Korea today. And just like it didn’t happen in Venezuela, the USSR and Nazi Germany. There are none so blind as those who will not see. I think the health concerns are a red herring, but that’s just me.


There is nothing about the safety of 5G in your gish gallop

There is nothing about the safety of 5G in your gish gallop
Had to look up "gish gallop". Interesting that you think me to be dishonest.

I revise the last line of my post for you:

I think the safety concerns are a red herring, but that’s just me.
Perhaps you might need to look up "red herring".

The forum is science and technology. The post is on the science of 5G from its electromagnetic properties to it health and safety concerns.


You present nothing on this and turned it into something else.


You are the red herring

Makes me think of the Radar Gun controversy - at least it started out as a controversy, then I think it’s finally accepted as a real risk. I suppose they have improved the technology and reduced the risk by now.


You present nothing on this and turned it into something else.
Well he did present a little bit of tech-prediction, which then let him slide nicely into a conspiracy of paranoia.

Some people seem to have a knack for that.



I have done more investigation into 5G and only confirmed my original thoughts. The health and safety concerns are a non-issue. The EMR used for 5G has been proven to be safe. The only reason I see for the companies to keep up the “5G is safe” chant is to divert attention away from privacy and security concerns.

One other thing I did come across is that user data volumes will be so high that it just won’t be practical to have on-board storage. Apparently the technology for installing multi-terabyte or petabyte memory in a cell phone looks to be not physically possible and that much storage in a home laptop or tower would be prohibitively expensive. Thus, all your data will be stored in the cloud.

If one does not see privacy as an issue, I suggest that security should be. The world imagined by developers is one in which everything is connected through the web. Consider that there s no such thing as an electronic “document”. Why? In order for text, video or any other presentation of data or information to be considered a “document”, a falsification of that presentation must be discernable. This has been the legal definition of a document for centuries.

Determining authenticity or falsification of electronic data beyond doubt is not possible. Any electronic security protocol can be overcome by a determined hacker with the right tools. In a totally electronic world every “documented” facet of your life from your bank account, medical records and citizenship to your very existence is at risk. Anyone intending mischief, from the kid next door to a foreign power waging war, could make your life miserable.

I do not want my pictures, videos, sound clips, or calender in a cloud. I’ve never wanted my stuff in a cloud and will use external storage if I have to in which to save it. I have the external storage, so it’s not an issue.